8 ways to Mother from your empowered inner feminine


As an empowered mother, there are many ways to nurture and care for your children from a place of inner strength and femininity. This means leaning into your feminine qualities of compassion, communication and not being afraid to look after your own need.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Listen deeply to your children’s needs and emotions, holding space for them to express themselves without judgement or interruption.
  2. Foster a sense of connection and intimacy by spending quality time with your children, engaging in activities that bring you joy and allow you to connect on a deep level. This doesn’t mean spending hours with them. This means 10 minutes of time without any distractions. You still have to fit the rest of your life in.
  3. Create a sense of safety and security by providing (where possible) consistent routines and boundaries that help your children feel grounded and supported.
  4. Use gentle but firm communication to set clear expectations and limits, while also allowing your children to make their own choices and learn from their mistakes. Encourage trying and safely failing.
  5. Model healthy self-care by prioritising your own physical and emotional wellbeing, and encouraging your children to do the same.
  6. Encourage creativity and self-expression by providing opportunities for your children to explore their interests and talents, and celebrating their unique gifts and abilities.
  7. Create a culture of compassion and empathy by encouraging your children to practise kindness, respect, and generosity towards others. Be mindful of how you talk about other people as little ears hear everything!
  8. Support your children’s growth and development by being present and engaged in their lives, celebrating their achievements, and offering guidance and support when they face challenges. This isn’t giving up work to be with them all day, every day. This is giving them your attention when they need you – being there to help them navigate things in their own way. Space to grow.