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Common Questions

  • How much are the classes?

    Pregnancy yoga is £100 for a block of eight classes.

    Baby massage is £55 for a block of five classes.

    Mum and baby yoga is £65 for a block of six classes.

    One to one sessions are £75 an hour and that's at your home. I travel to you for those classes.

  • Is there Parking?

    Edgbaston Golf Club has a free carpark on site and then it's a 30-second walk into the club house.

    The Community Hub in Bournville has free parking on all of the roads surrounding it and on Sycamore Road which is right outside.

    Barefoot in Harborne has free parking down the road towards Edgbaston but most of my mummies tend to park in the Pay and Display car park behind the Green Man Pub which is almost opposite Barefoot.

  • When can I start pregnancy yoga?

    I ask that all my lovely mummies to be are between 10 and 12 weeks pregnant before they come along to the classes.

    Some ladies like to wait until they've had their 12-week scan before coming along but you're welcome anytime from 10 weeks.

    Lots of ladies start around this time and carry on until their due date or near enough to that as they wish. However, you can start at any time. Some ladies start at 28 to 32 weeks polus. You are never too late to join unless you are in labour although I've also had mummies at 40 plus weeks coming along and some who are in the early stages of labour have also continued with the class!

  • Can I start pregnancy yoga later on into my pregnancy?

    Can I start pregnancy yoga later on into my pregnancy?

  • I have a pregnancy related medical condition is that a problem?

    It’s not a problem. Please just let me know on your Health Questionnaire.

    I'm trained to deal with the usual pregnancy related issues and can adapt all of the postures to make them safe for both you and your baby. Hopefully, we can come up with some postures that will help and make pregnancy more comfortable for you.

  • When can I start baby massage?

    Baby massage is suitable from birth but I always recommend that you give yourself at least two to three weeks before coming along.

    Please to allow yourself some time to gently ease into being a mum and don't feel under any pressure to leave the house too quickly. In a nutshell, come along as soon as you feel ready to make it out of the house with all of your baby stuff!


  • How soon can I start mum and baby yoga classes?

    Please come along from six weeks after your baby's birth if you have had a vaginal delivery or around eight to 10 weeks following a caesarean birth.

    This is to give your amazing body a little time to begin to heal and recover. You don't have to have had your six-week check. I'm aware that six-week checks are often not happening around the six-week mark but I would just like you to wait those six weeks to give your body a little time to heal and for all your bits and bobs to start to move back to where they should be.

  • What age does mum and baby yoga go up to?

    There is no specific cut-off age as every baby is different. It depends on how mobile they are. Once they're escaping from your mat a little too often, you might decide that you're not able to relax and practise your yoga as much as you did previously. I leave it up to each mum to make her own decision. You are always the best judge of how much you are still getting from each class. If your baby is getting too busy, mum and toddler yoga might be the next step for you.

  • Can I bring my partner along?

    I do sometimes welcome daddies along to baby massage but please drop me a note in advance so that I can check with the other mums that they are happy for this. I'm just aware that mums who are breastfeeding may feel uncomfortable if there is a daddy in the room. Having said that, it's never been a problem and I've been really pleased to welcome lots of dads into that class.

    In terms of the yoga classes, I just do those for mums. The classes have a slightly different feel to them and I'm conscious that having a dad in that space might change it for the rest of us. Nothing personal to all the lovely dads out there!

  • Does it matter that I've never done yoga before?

    Absolutely not. Every class, pregnancy yoga and all the mum and baby yoga classes are open to everyone of every level. Most of my mums that come along have never practised before but I also have mums with a regular yoga practise and also fellow yoga teachers coming along to the classes. Everyone works to their own level and everyone puts in as much as they feel they can on that particular day. It’s a joy to open the world of yoga to you!

  • What qualifications do you have?

    I am a 200-hour qualified yoga teacher registered with the Independent Yoga Network. 
    I'm also a Birthlight postnatal yoga teacher. 
    I have my St. John's Ambulance first aid qualification which I recently updated with a Mini First Aid course.
    In terms of non-yoga qualifications, I'm a qualified lawyer and practised with Eversheds in Birmingham for over 10 years. If you need any commercial real estate advice I might be able to help or, at least, know someone who can!

  • Are you insured?

    Yes, I am. I am insured with

  • What if my baby cries, needs feeding or changing?

    Every baby is going to need to do each of these at some point, if not many times, in any block of classes and they are more than welcome to.

    My classes are for mums and babies and they work around you both. Please feel free to change, to feed, to cuddle, to soothe your babies as often as you need to. I will alter the class to work around you. You're welcome to sit back and observe as you feed or I can offer you alternative postures.

    Please use the class as your space to make as much of it as you can. If you're feeding, consider it a little quiet reflective time, some stillness in the crazy and exciting world of motherhood.

  • What if my baby has a really loud cry?

    I simply make my voice louder and your baby is never as loud as you think they are. Please don't worry.

  • What if I'm running late?

    My motto is that there is never a late for a mum and baby class.

    Babies work to their own time zone and won't be rushed. You mustn't feel rushed to arrive on time either. Please try to arrive before the class finishes or simply join us after it for tea and biscuits. I never shut the door once my class has started, just let yourself in as and when you arrive.

  • Can I carry over a class that I miss?

    I'm really sorry, but I'm not able to allow this. Once you are booked into a block, the space has been saved for you in that class for each week of that block. That means that I can't offer it to another lady just for the week that you are away. As my classes are usually full, it often means that another mum has been turned away or is waiting to join.

    I love my classes and it's far more than just a job to me but it is also how I earn my living. If you carry over classes, then I'm losing in that particular week. I guess it's a bit you taking a pay cut when a colleague takes a day off or is poorly.

    I also plan my classes in advance and need to know when places become available for the mums who are asking to come along. I need to make sure that there is enough space for everybody and that I've set out enough equipment for all of us.

    Nearly all pregnancy and mum and baby classes work on this basis.

  • How do I book?

    Please drop me an email ( or complete the Contact Me Form and I can confirm availability for you and send through a booking link.

    Your place is confirmed once you've registered on the system and paid your deposit. The balance is payable at your first class, can be paid by bank transfer or when booking.  Please choose the option that works best for you.

  • Is there space for buggies?

    Yes, there is space at Barefoot and at The Community Hub for buggies although that is limited.

    It does help if you can bring your babies in carriers if at all possible. It tends to be a bit like buggy tetris with one in, one out sometimes!

  • How long does a class last?

    Pregnancy yoga lasts for 1 hour 15 minutes but we then stay behind afterwards to share news, ask questions, etc. We usually leave around 8.45pm.

    Baby massage last for 45 minutes.

    The mum and baby yoga classes all last for 1 hour.

    If you'd like to, you are really welcome to stay behind after each mum and baby class for a cup of tea and to chat to the other mums. It's a really lovely way to meet other mums with little ones of a similar age to your own.

  • Can I bring older siblings?

    Generally, yes. If you can let me know in advance and there is space in the class, then I really love having older children join us.

    They also get something out of the space and it's nice for them to see mummy with their little brother or sister enjoying some different time away from home. 
    The toddling or slightly older children tend to join in with yoga as well which is really lovely for all of us. So please, just give me notice and you're very welcome to bring older children with you. I know this helps when the classes are still running during school holidays, inset days, etc.

  • Why do I need to complete the health questionairre?

    The health questionaire is very important as it alerts me to any pre-existing medical conditions. Based on this I can tailor the class to best meet your needs.

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