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The Mother for Life Manifesto sets out what I believe needs to happen to support mothers and families globally to create a world where mothers are valued, feel no shame in wanting to be the best version of themselves and are proud of the key role they play in shaping society.

I support all mums regardless of race and colour under these principles and promote this manifesto in everything I do.

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The happiness and wellbeing of mothers (and through them their families) is the most important thing to me. By nurturing mothers, we raise their self-esteem and change how they see themselves. Mothering is the most important job there is. Mothers shape our future through the loving care they show their children. Only when a mother really loves who she is can she freely give her love and support to her family. This changes the world by making it a happier place.

Words are important to me. They reflect values, dreams, hopes and goals.

There are keywords that Mother for Life is built upon and they reflect who I am, how I live my life and how I treat every woman I am blessed to work with.

It’s important that I share them with you so that you can make sure that we are a good fit.

Circles Sisterhood Healing Safe Spaces Support Empathy
Mothers Honesty Integrity Energy Connection Guide
Reassure Women Authentic Truth Intuitive Listening
Sharing Kindness Elevate Friendship Empower Self-care
Acceptance Tribe Wellbeing Honour Respect Love
Village Value others Community Happiness Caring Balance
Kind Giving Responsible Global Grounded Spiritual
Unity Whole Protect

These Are My Key Values

Mandy Rees, Mother For Life manifesto

Mother for Life is committed to providing:

  • out of this world care for all mothers
  • safe spaces for all mothers to explore their feelings
  • safe and healing spaces for all mothers with their babies
  • accessible physical and emotional wellbeing for all mothers
  • nurturing communities of mothers supporting mothers
  • non-judgemental and empowering circles of support
  • respect for all birth and mothering choices
  • love and kindness to all mothers so that they can live their best life without fear of judgment or guilt

I want all babies to:

  • have a nurturing welcome to this world and be at the centre of their own birthing journey
  • be free of past trauma and stories
  • feel loved and safe
  • slow down in a busy world
  • feel safe in offering guidance to their mothers
  • feel welcomed
  • be supported in developing skills to heal themselves and make our world a better place
  • bring balance and happiness

We are circles of mothers and babies filled with love and empathy. Safe spaces that create community and empower us to be who we want to be, not who we are expected to be. Places for mothers to explore emotions around pregnancy, birth and motherhood. We mother together, in participation, not with perfection.

Mother for Life:

  • spreads love throughout the world
  • restores balance between the masculine and the feminine
  • heals the world by supporting mothers to care for their families from a place of happiness and joy
  • honours and respects the mother in everyone

We are committed to providing every family in the world with access to a nurturing space where they can explore their own wellbeing.