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The Mother for Life Manifesto sets out what I believe needs to happen to support mothers and families globally to create a world where mothers are valued, feel no shame in wanting to be the best version of themselves and are proud of the key role they play in shaping society.

I support all mums regardless of race and colour under these principles and promote this manifesto in everything I do.

The happiness and wellbeing of mothers (and through them their families) is the most important thing to me. By nurturing mothers, we raise their self-esteem and change how they see themselves. Mothering is the most important job there is. Mothers shape our future through the loving care they show their children. Only when a mother really loves who she is can she freely give her love and support to her family. This changes the world by making it a happier place.

Words are important to me. They reflect values, dreams, hopes and goals.

There are keywords that Mother for Life is built upon and they reflect who I am, how I live my life and how I treat every woman I am blessed to work with.

It’s important that I share them with you so that you can make sure that we are a good fit.

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Circles Sisterhood Healing Safe Spaces Support Empathy
Mothers Honesty Integrity Energy Connection Guide
Reassure Women Authentic Truth Intuitive Listening
Sharing Kindness Elevate Friendship Empower Self-care
Acceptance Tribe Wellbeing Honour Respect Love
Village Value others Community Happiness Caring Balance
Kind Giving Responsible Global Grounded Spiritual
Unity Whole Protect
postnatal yoga

These Are My Key Values

Mother for Life is committed to providing:

  • out of this world care for all mothers
  • safe spaces for all mothers to explore their feelings
  • safe and healing spaces for all mothers with their babies
  • accessible physical and emotional wellbeing for all mothers
  • nurturing communities of mothers supporting mothers
  • non-judgemental and empowering circles of support
  • respect for all birth and mothering choices
  • love and kindness to all mothers so that they can live their best life without fear of judgment or guilt

I want all babies to:

  • have a nurturing welcome to this world and be at the centre of their own birthing journey
  • be free of past trauma and stories
  • feel loved and safe
  • slow down in a busy world
  • feel safe in offering guidance to their mothers
  • feel welcomed
  • be supported in developing skills to heal themselves and make our world a better place
  • bring balance and happiness

We are circles of mothers and babies filled with love and empathy. Safe spaces that create community and empower us to be who we want to be, not who we are expected to be. Places for mothers to explore emotions around pregnancy, birth and motherhood. We mother together, in participation, not with perfection.

Mother for Life:

  • spreads love throughout the world
  • restores balance between the masculine and the feminine
  • heals the world by supporting mothers to care for their families from a place of happiness and joy
  • honours and respects the mother in everyone

We are committed to providing every family in the world with access to a nurturing space where they can explore their own wellbeing.

Mandy Rees, Mother For Life manifesto

We are

Committed to spreading happiness across this world

What our mums say...

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Mandy is such a positive influence

I went to Mandy's pregnancy yoga class for a block of 8 lessons. I enjoyed it so much that I kept going for another two blocks. You may think you're going for yoga, but it's so much more. Mandy is such a positive influence on how you feel about your pregnancy, birth and parenting. I gained friends, lost any fear of giving birth and am looking forward to joining one of her baby classes with my newborn.


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Mandy understands that babies have their own minds...

Mandy was extremely friendly and made me feel at ease so quickly. Which was fantastic as I was nervous being the youngest mum in the room. It was good to introduce everybody and nice for Mandy to explain she understands babies have their own minds so if we wanted to we could feed or change nappies just simply watch.

And she really meant it. 

Having tea and cake at the end of each session made you stay and engage with the mums.  I loved how Mandy explained all the benefits of the different massages e.g. winds/sinuses  Oh and one final thing I loved the goody bag! Couldn’t rate the class highly enough.


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SO glad I'd found Mandy and her classes

I had previously been to a few different yoga classes and found them a bit intense and not what I was looking for. I heard about Mandy's prenatal yoga classes through a friend and it sounded just what I was looking for. From the first session I was SO glad I'd found Mandy and her classes. They are way more than a yoga class - meditation, breathing exercises, relaxation and a chance to chat to other expectant mums and soak in Mandy's wisdom. The jammie dodgers are a welcome bonus to the class too! Since lockdown the classes were via zoom and this worked really well and I still had the same sense of connection and relaxation I got from the in person class. Between classes I also did Mandy's yoga sessions on her website which really helped me stay relaxed and helped my aches and pains. I also made sure I regularly listened to her audio relaxations which helped me stay calm and grounded in those final weeks. Above all of this, Mandy has been a wonderful support and checked in with me after the birth of my daughter and during our hospital stay - Mandy really does go above and beyond and puts out some brilliant online content. I can't thank her enough!


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Mandy really encourages everyone

I first attended Mandy’s pregnancy yoga classes when I was pregnant with my first baby, the yoga helped hugely with my pregnancy aches and pains but most of all the support and encouragement from both Mandy and the rest of the group was amazing. Mandy really encourages everyone to engage with each other which wasn’t something that I had experienced in other groups I attended, it meant that I felt safe in asking that daft question or verbalising my fears! I then went on to attend baby massage and postnatal yoga with my first baby and again the support and ability to engage with other new moms was fantastic! I have recently had my second baby and attended pregnancy yoga, whilst I had less concerns and worries about pregnancy and birth the classes gave me a dedicated hour to have just for me...which was so important and you don’t get much time to yourself when you are running around after a toddler! I am now attending postnatal yoga and although this is having to be done via zoom Mandy has continued to provide a safe environment and an opportunity to engage with other Moms! Thank you Mandy you help me keep my sanity!


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Absolutely love her classes

I returned to Mandy's pregnancy yoga classes following my second pregnancy as I absolutely loved her classes first time round and made some solid friendships. 
Mandy creates such a welcoming and safe environment. She is passionate about ensuring mums and mums to be have a support network alongside the yoga which is so vital. Her classes provide opportunities for open discussion around pregnancy/childbirth/motherhood and no question is out of bounds!
Following the birth of my daughter, I went on to attend baby massage and baby yoga classes, both of which I can thoroughly recommend. Baby massage has given me some really helpful techniques to manage baby's trapped wind and has also helped me deepen the bond with my little ones. Baby yoga was surprisingly more relaxing than I expected! I have made some amazing friendships that have continued post classes. I would definitely recommend Mandy's classes. She is so honest and puts her heart and soul into her classes. 


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I did want to say thank you. Your classes are fantastic - you explain everything so clearly and know which achy bits to work on. It has made me think that I should find a ‘normal’ (ie not postnatal) yoga class post-lockdown, but finding the time will be a big challenge! I also think that what you do for mums is great and I hope that you will be able to start your classes in person again soon. If I come across any mums to be or new mums I will certainly recommend you, although Arlo was a late (and very happy) addition to our family and most of the mums I know have kids at school now. That’s been another positive for me actually - being able to connect with people going through the baby/pregnancy stage as otherwise it would have been very easy to neglect that side of my life with the demands of having other young children. One of the unforeseen bonuses of Mandy's classes was that my baby always slept for three hours afterwards!


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I feel empowered as a pregnant woman and as a future mum

I signed up to the class to get to meet local expectant mums with the side benefit of a nice stretch.  I did meet some lovely local mums and found it so helpful to have a space where you could talk about any issues and get advice or support. What really surprised me was how much I valued the yoga and stretching but mostly the breathing exercises. It gave me a toolkit of things to do during pregnancy and also in Labour and has made me feel excited for the birth! Mandy’s affirmations during the rest time have really spoken to me and made me feel empowered as a pregnant woman and as a future mum.

 The class was so beneficial to me, to have a space just for me to enjoy my pregnancy and learn about the things I can do in birth to help it be a positive event. Thank you!


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Every class provides a relaxed and friendly environment

I first attended baby massage classes when my son was 3 months old, and then went on to do mum and baby yoga, and I’m on my 4th block of classes now (my son is now 9 months old!) Every class provides a relaxed and friendly environment, great yoga for post pregnancy, focussing on pelvic floor exercises and breathing, and a general feel good hour where you can forget about the outside world. The cake and tea are a bonus at the end of the classes and I have met some really lovely moms through attending. Mandy has a special gift at teaching and she never fails to create a relaxed environment for the babies, who all seem fixated by her presence. I am so glad I found her classes as Wednesdays are my favourite days of the week! Cannot recommend enough.