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My success is down to the amazing mums who join my circles. Read their thoughts and comments below - they will give you an honest insight into our community and how each circle feels.

Pregnancy Yoga

I was hoping to gain tools to cope with labour and birth - which I did


Rebecca - I was hoping to gain tools to cope with labour and birth - which I did

The class exceeded my expectations. I was hoping to gain tools to cope with labour and birth - which it did. The class has helped me feel more prepared and has given me lots of confidence.

The breathing exercises are really helpful with the visualisations. I also feel the relaxation at the end is great and anchors what we have learnt and spoken about. I enjoyed the yoga session which I found at a good level and it was useful there were different options for all abilities. It was very uplifting to be in such a positive and empowering environment.

! Would recommend this class to all pregnant women - whilst at work I have been telling all of the women in my caseload about it. It is a great investment to prepare your mind and body for birth and I have really enjoyed it.

Pregnancy Yoga

Mandy is a Great Teacher and Mentor


Maria - Mandy is a Great Teacher and Mentor

I very much looked forward to my Mondays as no matter how stressful my weekend and previous week has been I could go into yoga and release all my stresses. My baby is particularly active on evenings (just as I try to doze off) and Mandy very kindly showed me different things to try in order to have myself a better night sleep which worked… Most of the time anyway. It’s been great having her as a teacher as well as a mentor as she has shared her pregnancy, birth and parenting experiences with the class.

Pregnancy Yoga

Thank You Mandy!


Dee - Thank You Mandy!

Thank you Mandy for being such a breath of fresh air to me in my time of need, if you know it or not you really have been a blessing to me.

Pregnancy Yoga

So much more


Vaneta - So much more

I have really enjoyed the yoga classes and got so much more out of them than I anticipated. I initially came for back pain but got so much more! The relaxation, positivity and general source of knowledge has been so enlightening.

I definitely feel calm and ready ahead of birth - whether natural or c section and i'm not sure that would have been the case if I hadn't been to pregnancy yoga and heard from both yours and other mummies experiences and knowledge. Thank you!

Pregnancy Yoga

Thoughts from a Daddy


Andrew - Thoughts from a Daddy

Having listened to the recordings of the breathing exercises my wife had been doing during pregnancy yoga I found it was invaluable during labour knowing what to say and how to support each contraction. This made the whole experience better than I could have hoped for. It also means as a dad you end up doing more for and with your wife while she goes through one of the most challenging times in her life! Thanks Mandy for the Yoga and support throughout our pregnancy! 

Pregnancy Yoga

Thank you so much


Priya - Thank you so much

Morning Mandy, I just wanted to say thank you so much for yesterday! I really didn’t know how much I needed those few hours and how nice it was to meet other mums and talk without children running wild around us. I also told my husband this morning that it was one of the few times I’ve felt like I’ve connected with my bump and spent time just pampering it lol! It was a lovely group of women and if there is ever and groups/ chats etc please do add me on!  xxxx

Pregnancy Yoga

I have been recommending your class


Notza - I have been recommending your class

Hope you’re well :-). I’m still pregnant(!) but feeling v v engaged and not really up to any more yoga - probably a good sign that I won’t be pregnant for too much longer! So I won’t be at class tomorrow. Thanks so much for lovely sessions, I know I only joined for a few short weeks but all the breathing and positioning advice has been really helpful. And thanks for being so welcoming. I have been recommending your class to lots of friends! I’ll be sure to get in touch once I’m really for postnatal sessions too :-)

Thanks again,

Pregnancy Yoga

She pays attention to the smallest detail


Shahad - She pays attention to the smallest detail

I have attended Mandy’s pregnacy and postnatal classes and found them such a peaceful, relaxing and positive space for mums. Mandy is an excellent and attentive yoga teacher. Her classes focus on so much more than yoga with opportunity to connect, learn and support each other. Her honest, warm and kind approach is shown in every class and she pays attention to the smallest detail. She makes mums feel welcome and provides them a safe space to share the joys and challenges of motherhood. I would highly recommend Mandy’s classes to all mums! 

Pregnancy Yoga

The classes are pitched just right in terms of energy and difficulty.


Sophie - The classes are pitched just right in terms of energy and difficulty.

I felt more relaxed and forgot about a lot of the anxiety inducing stuff going on at the moment after each class. More positive about pregnancy and childbirth. The classes are pitched just right in terms of energy and difficulty. Can adjust positions to suit your energy level and bump size etc! I like that they are offered over zoom at a time I felt anxious about COVID but also needed the interaction and opportunity to join classes and meet people. I am so glad I joined Mandy's pregnancy yoga classes... Actually so much more than just a yoga class! Mandy has fostered a real community and support network that I have found invaluable over the past few months and I am sure will continue to do so after my baby arrives! I finish each class feeling so relaxed and positive, and I know that through email comms, Facebook and Instagram Mandy is always providing useful advice and resources.

Pregnancy Yoga

I recommend this class


Sally - I recommend this class

I have really enjoyed my classes. The yoga and breathing have been very helpful thought the pregnancy and is still helping me at 37 weeks. My teacher, Mandy, has been super supportive, helpful and kind. Also, I have learnt more about pregnancy, birth and what I can achieve in this class than I have in any maternity apps. Can't recommend it enough. Recommend this class. It has helped me feel more confident to be able deliver my baby naturally and without fear. I am now looking at a homebirth and I know this class, my teacher and my fellow moms to be have helped me on that journey.

Pregnancy Yoga

Mandy’s classes helped me to be much more positive


Vicky - Mandy’s classes helped me to be much more positive

Mandy’s classes helped me to be much more positive as I was reassured that some of the things I was worried about were normal. And just sharing experiences with others is great. It's a holistic group, you have the exercise, the support and the community. And it's all led by a fantastic lady who is very good and making everyone feel welcome. I would really recommend Mandy's classes. They offer so much more than just yoga. You will be part of a really friendly and supportive group that will help you in so many ways during your pregnancy and the period after too. The yoga exercises are great, I always feel safe doing them because I know they are specially for pregnant women, and I always feel good afterwards. Mandy herself is amazing, and has this way of just making you feel ok when you talk to her.

Pregnancy Yoga

I really enjoy having a class to go to each week


Helen - I really enjoy having a class to go to each week

I have really enjoyed having a class to go to once a week. It has made the weeks flow by, where I've learnt to relax and control my breathing but more importantly made a circle of friends. I love how Mandy encourages us to sit and discuss our week, any worries or just pregnancy in general. I really find comfort in going to these sessions and I'm going into my third trimester feeling confident and excited.

Pregnancy Yoga

Brilliant breathing!


Rachel - Brilliant breathing!

I can only thank you for the fantastic yoga classes in the run up to the birth, it was brilliant preparation and I'm sure I couldn't have managed it without pain relief if it hadn't been for the breathing! 

Pregnancy Yoga

Highly Recommended


Sara - Highly Recommended

The class as whole is enjoyable from start to finish, the breathing at the start is so calming & relaxing & helps you to focus on you & baby then the yoga postures helps strenghten & strech, then the relaxing part at the end is really nice & Mandy will read out a reading. It’s so relaxing & helps to really visualise on baby inside you, I have thoroughly enjoyed Mandy’s classes & highly recommend them & will continue after the baby. Mandy is a lovely person always friendly & welcoming, helps you with any queries you may have & a very professional yoga teacher.

Pregnancy Yoga

I feel physically much better after sessions...


Sarah - I feel physically much better after sessions...

Mandy is very friendly and creates an enjoyable and laid back atmosphere.  I've definitely found that I feel physically much better after sessions and the stretches and postures that Mandy suggests to try between sessions for aching backs and hips are really helpful.

Pregnancy Yoga

I know from everyone that has attended her classes Mandy has had a huge positive impact


Amy - I know from everyone that has attended her classes Mandy has had a huge positive impact

I will admit the first class was strange. I had done yoga before and saw it more as another exercise session and pregnancy yoga definitely isn’t it. But I really now appreciate the value of that hour or two each week, it is my escape, makes me think and prepare for birth, I really look forward to the class and it is a time I truest relax, probably the only time I relax during the week. Mandy creates a safe space to think about birth, giving each woman the tools to believe that she can and will create a beautiful birthing experience and makes what can be a daunting experience magical. I would thoroughly recommend Mandy’s classes to any pregnant lady, Mandy is so warm and welcoming, her classes are informative yet relaxed and I know from everyone that has attended her classes she has had a huge positive impact.

Pregnancy Yoga

Thoroughly enjoying the classes


Alys - Thoroughly enjoying the classes

Mandy is really friendly, accommodating and makes you feel really at ease. Her sessions are calming, relaxing and she is very Knowledgeable. The Facebook group is really useful as she posts very relevant articles and information on there. I'm thoroughly enjoying the classes and will continue to do them through to the end of my pregnancy.

Pregnancy Yoga

Mandy’s classes are relaxed and very informed


Val - Mandy’s classes are relaxed and very informed

Mandy’s classes are relaxed and very informed. It also helped me to meet more women that were in the same situation as me. I found out about Mandy through two of my friends. I had a very complicated start to my pregnancy and wasn’t allowed to do much up to 17 weeks. I decided to join Mandy’s pregnancy yoga as I was allowed to do some gentle exercise for the rest of my pregnancy. At the start I was very nervous and anxious, this pregnancy was very important to me after a few rounds of failed IVF and a miscarriage. As soon as I met Mandy she made me feel at ease and I knew that she would look after me. Now I can say that taking her pregnancy yoga classes was the best decision I made for my pregnancy and wellbeing. She shared so much of her knowledge with me, I got to meet some other amazing future moms and my body and mind were at the best state for the most important day of my life. I had the most wonderful birth experience thanks to Mandy and her support with my preparation. I now have a beautiful healthy baby girl and we are both going to Mandy’s postnatal classes. I couldn’t recommend Mandy enough to other future moms, she is the most amazing, beautiful and supportive person I met through my pregnancy journey and I really look forward to keeping in touch with her and the circle of moms that she is building for life.

Pregnancy Yoga

Mandy was brilliant!


Laura - Mandy was brilliant!

The very cosy environment, the discussions and postures and relaxed atmosphere. Mandy was great in making everyone feel included and relaxed. She really went out of her way to get information on stressful matters and we enjoyed many funny discussions about intimate matters that often are too embarrassing to ask about... Mandy was brilliant! Her postures helped ladies whose babies were not in the right position for birth to move in the right position. They are currently helping me go through my early labour contractions... The venue was also very convenient as well as inspiring. I had two sets of courses with her and will certainly miss my Monday night routine...

Pregnancy Yoga

The class was brilliant.


Ruth - The class was brilliant.

The breathing exercises I learned really helped with my birth. I would 100% recommend the class to anyone.

Pregnancy Yoga

Thanks Mandy


Sara - Thanks Mandy

I have just completed my eight-week yoga course. It has probably been the highlight of my pregnancy experience! Mandy is a wonderful teacher who calms and reassures stressed out and busy pregnant ladies as well as delivering a varied and interesting yoga workout. Mandy is genuinely interested in our pregnancy journey and always facilitates a group conversation about pregnancy and birth before and after the class. Attending the first class was a real turning point for me in my pregnancy, it really helped me to connect to my growing bump for the first time and gave me time to stop and think about what was happening. Mandy has given me so much advice about child birth and has helped me to feel ready for what's to come, with a positive mind set. I always feel calm and serene after leaving a class. Thank you Mandy!

Pregnancy Yoga

Unbelievably grateful


Emma - Unbelievably grateful

Hi Mandy,
I just wanted to drop you a line to just say how unbelievably grateful I have been for your care and support since April last year, when I first turned up a pregnancy yoga. Not only did you help me feel empowered to make my own decisions during birth/early days of having a baby, you also helped forge friendships, which I hope will last a very long time. It has been lovely for Cass to come to massage and it feels like we’ve completed the full circle from pregnancy to baby! If another bobsy Jones comes along I will definitely be back at yoga, if you’ll have me!!
Lots of love, 
Emma x 

Pregnancy Yoga

Mandy creates a community and not just a class...


Carolina - Mandy creates a community and not just a class...

The breathing techniques were very helpful throughout the pregnancy and during labour. I loved attending the classes as this allowed me to have some concentrated time with my body and my baby bump. I particularly liked the fact that the class was really welcoming, inclusive and we were able to chat amongst pregnant ladies. And also the way Mandy creates a community and not just a class. I can absolutely recommend Mandy as a pregnancy yoga teacher. She's so caring, warm and interested in everyone's wellbeing. The classes would not have been the same with anyone else.

Pregnancy Yoga

This class is like a warm hug for a new mum!


Carolina - This class is like a warm hug for a new mum!

The instructor Mandy delivers the class in a supportive, informative and knowledgeable manner. Mandy provides wonderful bonding tuition for mother and baby. This class is like a warm hug for a new mum!

Pregnancy Yoga

It's giving me the mental strength to do this


Kathryn - It's giving me the mental strength to do this

I really like the chatting and social side. I think if I didn't come to these classes I'd feel quite clueless regarding pregnancy and childbirth, even having done NCT. The chats afterwards range from practical advice from both Mandy and the other mummys-to-be about the actual hospitals, birthing positions, hospital bag, and other maternity issues, to discussing the more messy subject of childbirth itself. I feel it's giving me the mental strength to do this!

I also enjoy the deep relaxation at the end of the session, the only thing that wakes me up at the end is the thought of a jammy dodger!”

Pregnancy Yoga

Lovely atmosphere. Welcoming groups.


Louise - Lovely atmosphere. Welcoming groups.

Talking with others really helped manage my expectations. The relaxation and stretching really helped to ease sore limbs and muscles. Taking time out for me away from the normal day to day was amazing.

Thank you for everything. Great classes that you make very personable and you make such an effort with everyone.

Pregnancy Yoga

SO glad I'd found Mandy and her classes


Georgina - SO glad I'd found Mandy and her classes

I had previously been to a few different yoga classes and found them a bit intense and not what I was looking for. I heard about Mandy's prenatal yoga classes through a friend and it sounded just what I was looking for. From the first session I was SO glad I'd found Mandy and her classes. They are way more than a yoga class - meditation, breathing exercises, relaxation and a chance to chat to other expectant mums and soak in Mandy's wisdom. The jammie dodgers are a welcome bonus to the class too! Since lockdown the classes were via zoom and this worked really well and I still had the same sense of connection and relaxation I got from the in person class. Between classes I also did Mandy's yoga sessions on her website which really helped me stay relaxed and helped my aches and pains. I also made sure I regularly listened to her audio relaxations which helped me stay calm and grounded in those final weeks. Above all of this, Mandy has been a wonderful support and checked in with me after the birth of my daughter and during our hospital stay - Mandy really does go above and beyond and puts out some brilliant online content. I can't thank her enough!

Pregnancy Yoga

Time to relax


Laura - Time to relax

This class made a big difference to my pregnancy. Having time to relax away from the toddler. I used lots of the breathing techniques during labour which helped me stay calm and in control.

Pregnancy Yoga

The sessions are relaxed


Sally - The sessions are relaxed

I’ve just completed 8-weeks with Mandy. She’s really helpful and explains all of the techniques really well. The sessions are relaxed and she imparts her own experiences of pregnancy to give context for us first time mums! The moves are flexible according to your own ability so you get the benefit but don’t have to push yourself unnecessarily. Overall a really enjoyable and informative class; highly recommended!

Pregnancy Yoga

Really enjoyed the classes


Sarah - Really enjoyed the classes

I have really enjoyed the classes and it has helped me slow down my usual more dynamic yoga practice and feel the benefits for me and my baby. I am going to be using the breathing techniques in labour for sure and I feel the relaxation session will help me stay strong and approach labour in a natural and calm way. Look forward to mother and baby yoga. (Sarah)

Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy yoga made a positive impact


Anon - Pregnancy yoga made a positive impact

Pregnancy yoga made a positive impact, I wasn’t enjoying being pregnant and found it very stressful. The yoga sessions allowed me to be calm and relax and feel connected with my unborn baby. The most amazing support. Mandy has the ability to make you feel strong and empowered even during the most difficult times. Anon

Pregnancy Yoga

I would highly recommend!!!


Paula - I would highly recommend!!!

I found the classes really well structured and pitched at the right level as I have never done yoga before being pregnant. I got a lot from the class mentally in particular as I had been very ill and was very detached from my pregnancy and was able to connect with the pregnancy from the classes. The classes also introduced me to other people and classes for post pregnancy which has been great. The instructor Mandy is perfect. She has a great personality, runs the classes perfectly, ensures people interact and share experiences which I found really useful and refers to specific parts of the class where particularly useful for certain individuals. The classes were great preparation for labour and I would highly recommend!!!”

Pregnancy Yoga

Mandy is very knowledgeable


Louise - Mandy is very knowledgeable

“Felt great to stretch out and release some tension and aches, and was good that the postures were simple and gentle enough to do in between classes when needed. 

As a first-time mum, the discussions after the classes were really useful, they offered lots of new things to consider, as well as a lot of tips from second or third time mums...

Mandy is also very knowledgeable and was able to answer questions and give us lots of information.

Pregnancy Yoga

Welcoming Space


Laura - Welcoming Space

I really enjoyed the classes and the atmosphere you’ve created to make it a welcoming space for everyone. Thank you for all your support and advice. 

Pregnancy Yoga

Thank you


Lucy - Thank you

Thanks for another beautiful session of pure escape tonight. Really is the one time I completely zone out and relax.  Thanks again ..... I'm starting to enjoy pregnancy and feel more flexible and have spent time on me and my posture for once rather than everyone else!!  I know a lot is down to your sessions and the other mums making me feel so welcome and included. Thanks again, Lucy xx

Pregnancy Yoga

Relaxing and theraputic


Shabina - Relaxing and theraputic

It's relaxing and theraputic. Mandy is absolutely fantastic and has made me feel ease with every class. I didn’t know what to expect as I have attended pregnancy yoga before but it has definitely exceeded my expectations and I cannot wait to start baby massage.

Pregnancy Yoga

I feel empowered as a pregnant woman and as a future mum


Emma - I feel empowered as a pregnant woman and as a future mum

I signed up to the class to get to meet local expectant mums with the side benefit of a nice stretch.  I did meet some lovely local mums and found it so helpful to have a space where you could talk about any issues and get advice or support. What really surprised me was how much I valued the yoga and stretching but mostly the breathing exercises. It gave me a toolkit of things to do during pregnancy and also in Labour and has made me feel excited for the birth! Mandy’s affirmations during the rest time have really spoken to me and made me feel empowered as a pregnant woman and as a future mum.

 The class was so beneficial to me, to have a space just for me to enjoy my pregnancy and learn about the things I can do in birth to help it be a positive event. Thank you!

Pregnancy Yoga

You should definitely do it!


Elise - You should definitely do it!

An opportunity to meet other local mums to be and find about all the things that no one ever tells you about being pregnant and having a baby. The gentle exercise is also very helpful to keep the aches and pains of later pregnancy at bay. It's a very relaxed atmosphere in which we laugh a lot. You should definitely do it. Mandy is very kind, caring and down to earth and has a great sense of humour. It means that all the mums to be are also very relaxed in the classes. As a first time mum I learn something new every time I go (far more than any of the midwives have told me). It's been a bit of a lifeline to be honest. I would highly recommend it.”

Pregnancy Yoga

Mandy is such a positive influence


Aswalia - Mandy is such a positive influence

I went to Mandy's pregnancy yoga class for a block of 8 lessons. I enjoyed it so much that I kept going for another two blocks. You may think you're going for yoga, but it's so much more. Mandy is such a positive influence on how you feel about your pregnancy, birth and parenting. I gained friends, lost any fear of giving birth and am looking forward to joining one of her baby classes with my newborn.

Pregnancy Yoga

The classes were so relaxed


Fran - The classes were so relaxed

I have enjoyed all of the classes with Mandy. The yoga was great as it gave me a bit of time to do a bit of exercise while spending time with other mums and babies. I had never done yoga before but I will be keeping it up. The classes were so relaxed and ended with a cup of tea and cake which gave us the chance to get to know other mums. I learnt so much from the other ladies and Mandy - it was better than any antenatal class or book!

Pregnancy Yoga

I found the yoga breathing exercised most enjoyable.


Heather - I found the yoga breathing exercised most enjoyable.

It was really good to meet other expecting mums, talk about labour and relaxation exercises. Talking was really helpfiul.

Baby Massage

Thank you


Suzanne - Thank you

Thank you so much for a lovely baby massage course. I enjoyed it this time round just as much as with Carys. It made me feel a bit emotional when it finished! I have built some amazing friendships as a result of your classes and I'm so thankful for that. I also appreciate your email letters you send and your honesty and encouragement.

Baby Massage

I recommend baby massage to anyone


Sally - I recommend baby massage to anyone

Mandy has been wonderful throughout. She has supported and advised me through the very difficult early stages of a little one. I recommend baby massage to anyone as it introduces you to more people and gives you real bonding with your baby.

Baby Massage

Really enjoyed


Becca - Really enjoyed

I’ve really enjoyed your massage classes, your warmth and support have been so welcome in these first few weeks of motherhood for me. Having such a gentle class to focus my week around has really helped me during this very strange time. My little boy is taking to massage slowly, but I will continue to use the techniques you have taught me alongside the reminder resources daily. Thank you for not putting any pressure on at all to do well or keep up during the class. I would highly recommend your classes to anyone looking to spend some time bonding with their baby in a relaxing and supportive environment. 

Baby Massage

I'm so sad it's all over


Lizzi - I'm so sad it's all over

Sadly, this was my last block. I'm so sad that it's all over. You've been with me on this amazing journey from bump to baby and beyond and I am really going to miss yoga, and not just the chat and cake. You helped me get through the birth and now get used to this crazy new body I have. It feels like the end of a chapter. If you ever decide to do an evening class I would be first in line, you have an amazing teaching style and I don't know what I will do without your teachings each week. Thank you so much Mandy. 

Baby Massage

Very welcoming and relaxing


Ella - Very welcoming and relaxing

I started going to baby massage when my son was 8 weeks old and I chose Mandy’s class as I had previously attended her antenatal yoga which I found to be very welcoming and relaxing. I was pleased to find the same was true of the baby massage classes. During the class there is time for both Mum and baby to relax and enjoy the session. As the weeks have gone on my son has enjoyed it more and more. It is a very relaxed class and you don’t need to worry if you need to feed/change/hold your baby.

Baby Massage

Fantastic Classes


Elizabeth - Fantastic Classes

Fantastic classes. We completed mum and baby yoga and massage and loved it. Very relaxed and Mandy has a great way of talking you through the processes as well as looking after the babies to give us some time to relax. Massage has been really useful especially at bedtime for calming my little one down and yoga has helped me reconnect with my body and have some fun with my baby

Baby Massage

I wanted to say a HUGE thank you for three very enjoyable terms


Rebecca - I wanted to say a HUGE thank you for three very enjoyable terms

I wanted to say a HUGE thank you for three very enjoyable terms (and the yoga we did first time around too). 

Your classes (and you!) have been an important part of my maternity leave and Annabelle and I have benefited a lot from attending. Please keep me on any mailing lists if that's ok. The classes have been brilliant, but just as great has been the social aspect with the all important tea and cake afterwards, as well as your helpful advice on various baby issues. I'll be sure to recommend your classes. 

Baby Massage

I would thoroughly recommend it


Hannah - I would thoroughly recommend it

I have attended baby massage with my baby boy called Theodore, he was just over 2 months old at our first class. I was a little nervous when I arrived but Mandy our teacher instantly made us feel welcome. We have just completed our first block of 5 classes and I can honestly say I would thoroughly recommend it and we are already booked for our next 5 class’s after half term! The class has been brilliant for Theodore and I, I have seen his legs stretch out more after the classes and I have also used the tummy and face massage to help with sore gums and trapped wind! After the class we have tea and biscuits which is lovely to have a chat and share ideas around being a mum, as I am a first time mum it’s always nice to hear suggestions and also see that you are doing ok too!

Baby Massage

The Class is the Highlight of my Week!


Amy - The Class is the Highlight of my Week!

Mandy's mum and baby class is really enjoyable and friendly, with an emphasis on supporting mums and babies. I would recommend the class to any mum. It has been a highlight of my week.

Initially I wanted to learn some baby massage techniques, have some one to one time with my baby doing something fun and enjoyable for both of us, to meet other mums. Mandy’s class met all 3 aims!



Baby Massage

A great bonding experience


Rachel - A great bonding experience

A great bonding experience and learnt a lot about massage techniques for a colicky baby. Mandy is always warm and welcoming and shares her own experiences which is really valuable.

Baby Massage

The class was lovely


Sarah - The class was lovely

Mandy is brilliant in keeping the class calm and relaxed even when babies are crying. The classes are enjoyable not only for my little girl but for me too, its a chance to bond and really focus on her. I started this class as my baby was suffering with wind and I was advised to try a baby massage….the class was lovely and gave me lots of tips for baby’s wind and loads more! We do it now every day as part of our bed time routine! Mandy was lovely and the session was friendly and relaxed. Tea and a chat after was also lovely! I highly recommend this course and I am very glad I went along

Baby Massage

Absolutely love her classes


Suzanne - Absolutely love her classes

I returned to Mandy's pregnancy yoga classes following my second pregnancy as I absolutely loved her classes first time round and made some solid friendships. 
Mandy creates such a welcoming and safe environment. She is passionate about ensuring mums and mums to be have a support network alongside the yoga which is so vital. Her classes provide opportunities for open discussion around pregnancy/childbirth/motherhood and no question is out of bounds!
Following the birth of my daughter, I went on to attend baby massage and baby yoga classes, both of which I can thoroughly recommend. Baby massage has given me some really helpful techniques to manage baby's trapped wind and has also helped me deepen the bond with my little ones. Baby yoga was surprisingly more relaxing than I expected! I have made some amazing friendships that have continued post classes. I would definitely recommend Mandy's classes. She is so honest and puts her heart and soul into her classes. 

Baby Massage

Instantly welcome


Rachael - Instantly welcome

Mandy instantly made me feel welcome and explained how the course worked. Each of her sessions have been so calm and relaxed and the babies respond to this well. I was nervous that my little one wouldn't settle and would disturb the class. No need to panic. Mandy ensures that mums feel comfortable and reinforces that the course is baby led so no problems with feeding or comforting little ones during the session. I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and have just started my second block!

Baby Massage

We have loved coming to your classes


Charlotte - We have loved coming to your classes

Thank you for everything, we have loved coming to your classes and I now really enjoy daily massage time with Nancy. It is a great bonding activity and she loves it too, especially a foot massage! ☺️ The tummy massages you have taught us have also really helped her sore tummy and when she suffers with wind, which we struggle with much less since starting your class. When Nancy was born I struggled with not being able to ‘get things done’ (no one can prepare you for the drastic change to life as you knew it) but you helped me realise that it’s ok to have struggles and not to get the jobs done because this is such a special time and becoming a Mum is such a massive thing on our bodies, physically and mentally. I slowed down and appreciated switching off to have time just the 2 of us. I think it’s great how you are keeping everyone together and connected in this worrying time. It’s lovely to have a friendly and understanding point of contact in you.

Baby Massage

Fantastic safe space


Vicky - Fantastic safe space

It’s been lovely to share the first few months of Neve’s life with you, and I really enjoyed the classes and valued your support. It’s been a fantastic safe space for us to relax and be with other mums and babies. 
Thank you. Lots of love xxx 

Baby Massage

A Wonderful Experience


Sam - A Wonderful Experience

I loved getting some time to myself, bonding with my baby and meeting new mums. I also made some friends for life whilst attending the post natal classes. A wonderful experience and worth every penny. I loved all of the various classes I attended and would recommend them to any new mum or mum-to-be.

Baby Massage

Mandy is a fantastic instructor who clearly cares


Nicky - Mandy is a fantastic instructor who clearly cares

It's lovely learning how to give my baby a soothing massage and do something very interactive with my baby. I'd highly recommend this class and Mandy as an instructor. I attended Mandy's prenatal yoga class as well and the breathing techniques were very useful during my labour; Mandy is a fantastic instructor who clearly cares about her mummies (to be) and their babies.

Baby Massage

A wonderful experience


Nicky - A wonderful experience

I loved getting some time to myself, bonding with my baby and meeting new mums. I also made some friends for life whilst attending the post natal classes. A wonderful experience and worth every penny. I loved all of the various classes I attended and would recommend them to any new mum or mum-to-be.

Baby Massage

Safe space


Solange - Safe space

I have really enjoyed massage and yoga with you it has been the highlight of my weeks and truly felt like a safe space. 

Baby Massage

A calm place for frazzled mums.


Erica - A calm place for frazzled mums.

Hi Mandy. I just got your card. Thank you so much. I read the printed side first and it brought a tear to my eye. Such a wonderful reminder of your special classes. Then I read your personal note - that really made me cry. Thank you. You are such a wonderful person and really help so many mommies through pregnancy and motherhood. Thank you so much for creating a special and calm place for frazzled moms. Take care and see you soon. Xxx

Baby Massage

Mandy makes the classes a real joy to attend


Sara - Mandy makes the classes a real joy to attend

I have really enjoyed the classes. I have found it a really lovely way to spend time with my baby but also to have a great chat with other mums with babies of a similar age. Mandy is very friendly and makes the classes a real joy to attend.” (Sara)

Baby Massage

I felt supported and included


Rebecca - I felt supported and included

Coming to your baby massage class made me feel supported and included. The massage techniques we learned were in fact only a small part of the experience. I met a network of mums and babies all going through the same chaos and confusion and loved the social aspect to the class. After a class where it felt all we'd done was feed, it was heaven to be able to have a reviving cup or tea and a slice of delicious cake and to share experiences with others in the group. When getting out of the house in itself was often a challenge, the classes provided a little safe haven where no amount of crying screaming, wriggling or feeding issues was too much. 

Baby Massage

Mandy understands that babies have their own minds...


Leanne - Mandy understands that babies have their own minds...

Mandy was extremely friendly and made me feel at ease so quickly. Which was fantastic as I was nervous being the youngest mum in the room. It was good to introduce everybody and nice for Mandy to explain she understands babies have their own minds so if we wanted to we could feed or change nappies just simply watch.

And she really meant it. 

Having tea and cake at the end of each session made you stay and engage with the mums.  I loved how Mandy explained all the benefits of the different massages e.g. winds/sinuses  Oh and one final thing I loved the goody bag! Couldn’t rate the class highly enough.

Postnatal Yoga

Pleased we met


Corinne - Pleased we met

I just wish to say THANK YOU, for your emails. I actually look forward to them each week and quite often resonate.

I only ever did one course with you but pleased we met. You’re truly genuine and listened when I was finding it difficult to leave Kai at nursery. You even sent a follow up message, which was beautiful and touching. Thank you x 

Postnatal Yoga

Relaxed Atmosphere


Lucy - Relaxed Atmosphere

How relaxed the atmosphere was, unique to this class. There was no expectation or assumption that I had done any yoga before. Able to follow at my own rate.

Postnatal Yoga

I absolutely loved the class.


Charlotte - I absolutely loved the class.

The class has given me a great support network and I have made some lovely friends. It has helped with my new mother anxiety.


Postnatal Yoga



Beth - Fantastic!

I did want to say thank you. Your classes are fantastic - you explain everything so clearly and know which achy bits to work on. It has made me think that I should find a ‘normal’ (ie not postnatal) yoga class post-lockdown, but finding the time will be a big challenge! I also think that what you do for mums is great and I hope that you will be able to start your classes in person again soon. If I come across any mums to be or new mums I will certainly recommend you, although Arlo was a late (and very happy) addition to our family and most of the mums I know have kids at school now. That’s been another positive for me actually - being able to connect with people going through the baby/pregnancy stage as otherwise it would have been very easy to neglect that side of my life with the demands of having other young children. One of the unforeseen bonuses of Mandy's classes was that my baby always slept for three hours afterwards!

Postnatal Yoga

Sets me up nicely.


Tara - Sets me up nicely.

I feel I get so much from them, not only during the hour but it also sets me up so nicely for the week ahead. I feel you are genuinely invested in ensuring us new mothers are supported to allow us the look after ourselves and our families. 

Thanks you x

Postnatal Yoga

Gentle yoga where babies are welcome


Rebecca - Gentle yoga where babies are welcome

This is a gentle yoga class where babies are welcome. My expectations definitely met, wonderful class, a lovely hour in which I could practice yoga and Noah was very welcome on my mat

I have learnt yoga practice can work around babies and how to do poses with my little one

10/10 Highly recommended!

Postnatal Yoga

The best part of my week


Ezgi - The best part of my week

I honestly consider Wednesday mornings to be the best part of my week, and I'll really miss the classes! I feel so relaxed afterwards and refreshed and rejuvenated which I think is a combination of the yoga practice and spending time with other new mums over a cup of tea and cake. They're the perfect balance of yoga, breathing and pelvic floor exercises, and mummy advice/relaxation time. And of course its been a pleasure getting to know you more - you're always so kind and considerate to us and it's so lovely to have your support. 

Postnatal Yoga

Baby lead classes


Becky - Baby lead classes

Very welcoming and relaxed, the most peaceful part of my week! Baby lead and so changing/feeding at any time was fine. I noticed an improvement in flexibility and toning quickly. Lots of advice regarding pelvic floor exercises and taking care of your back. I really enjoyed the poetry and affirmations at the end of class. Tea and biscuits afterwards was a fantastic opportunity to meet other mums and get advice.

Postnatal Yoga

Helped to get me moving.


Anna - Helped to get me moving.

The class really helped me to get moving again after my c-section. It also helped with all the stiffness that comes with breastfeeding and carrying your baby.

Postnatal Yoga

Relaxing environment and friendly teacher


Saman - Relaxing environment and friendly teacher

The relaxing environment and friendly teacher, and relaxed approach with is essential with a baby. I really enjoyed these classes, more so as Mandy was fantastic. She ensures the class is relaxed and baby friendly and is extremely helpful! I love the tea and biscuits at the end.” (Saman)

Postnatal Yoga

There is so much I really valued.


Saferia - There is so much I really valued.

I really valued the build up of exercises over the sessions. I also really value your focus on the mothers and the tea and chat after is also lovely. I value the me time. I think the way you invest in the mothers is very restorative. I am also grateful for the opportunity to regain my core.

Postnatal Yoga

Wonderful and relaxed


Kirsty - Wonderful and relaxed

Attended baby yoga class with my little one. It’s a wonderful relaxed class where the babies can do their thing without worrying about disturbing others. Mandy is a great instructor and a genuinely friendly lady. Myself and baby really enjoyed the class, especially the relaxing at the end where Mandy reads an inspirational piece, helped me connect with my baby more. I would recommend any new mums give the class a try.

Postnatal Yoga

I love the structure


Lianne - I love the structure

I thought I would let you know how much I appreciate how you structure your yoga classes virtually. It simply sucks that we are all in this situation now - none of us could have anticipated maternity leave like this. Now that I am feeling more confident and settled as a mother I am slowly starting to feel more down about the lack of social contact I have. I had worked remotely from home for many years and one of the things I was so looking forward to was being able to attend different groups with our daughter and get to know more people. Sadly, we are all just having to be as positive as we can and hope that things improve. Getting ready for your class makes me feel like I at least have an idea of how it would be to get ready for a class in 'real life' and I feel proud when I've managed to get myself ready to start! A small victory but an important one I think! I appreciate how positive you are and the sessions make me feel really relaxed, even if I haven't managed to do much yoga myself. It is a positive space and I feel like I have a lovely time with my baby.

Postnatal Yoga

Mother and baby yoga has been brilliant


Annette - Mother and baby yoga has been brilliant

Mother and baby yoga has been brilliant. As a new mum and new to the area it has given me the opportunity to meet other mums and to have a natter. Mandy is extremely welcoming and plays a vital role in bringing the group together socially, she is also great with the kids. The class allows me the opportunity to continue to practice yoga and to exercise appropriately postnatally, well, daughter permitting!

Postnatal Yoga

I would thoroughly recommend this class to new mums (and dad's)


Rachael - I would thoroughly recommend this class to new mums (and dad's)

I would thoroughly recommend this class to new mums (and dad's). The instructor (Mandy) is enthusiastic, approachable and easy to talk to about all things baby related. Our son is our second child so it is really lovely to have some bonding time with just him in a relaxed environment. My husband attended one of the sessions and felt exactly the same. It's also a great venue to meet new mum friends and draw the class out into a long lunch afterwards!

Postnatal Yoga

Thank you


Christalla - Thank you

I think my yoga time has come to an end and I really wanted to thank you with all my heart. You have been a steadier for me and really helped me be ok with where I am as a mama and just as me right now. With love and gratitude.

Postnatal Yoga

A calm environment


Kayleigh - A calm environment

A way to return to gentle exercise after labour and to bond with baby. A great place to meet other mums and socialise in a calm environment. Loved the poses which used baby as a weight and poses which excited baby (cat crawl)

Postnatal Yoga

Really Enjoyed Attending


Polly - Really Enjoyed Attending

Can I just say I’ve really enjoyed attending your classes and meeting the other mamas. I can’t imagine my maternity leave without our Wednesday mornings. You’ve been part of making my year off with my baby so special, thank you. You really are amazing, never doubt yourself, you’re classes rock! 

Postnatal Yoga

Mandy is very supportive


Kate - Mandy is very supportive

Mandy had an amazing way of making you feel relaxed and happy. She was very supportive. I enjoyed the baby yoga (Grand Old Duke of York was my favourite). I also enjoyed sitting around after for coffee and biscuits as it is nice to know you aren't the only one whose baby isn't sleeping!

Postnatal Yoga

I would highly recommend Mandy's yoga classes


Kate - I would highly recommend Mandy's yoga classes

I always felt relaxed, calm and grateful to have done something for myself for the day. The focus on yoga being the primary element, balanced with just the right amount of conversation. I would highly recommend Mandy's yoga classes, she strikes a perfect balance of safe but challenging yoga to help you recover from having a baby, and facilitating a new mum network. So caring and passionate about what you do - everything comes from a good and honest place. She is such a warm, caring, genuine person - new mums need more people like her!

Postnatal Yoga

My baby and I love this class


Lindsay - My baby and I love this class

My baby and I love this class - Mandy is wonderful and I feel so relaxed and safe. The class is very laid back – lots of babies chatting, sleeping, feeding - and very supportive. It is also surprisingly effective at helping with both the physical and emotional effects of having a small baby - I leave every week feeling like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders! I cannot recommend it highly enough!

Postnatal Yoga

I always look forward to the sessions.


Sarah - I always look forward to the sessions.

I went to Mandy’s pregnancy yoga and now go to her baby and mum yoga classes at Bournville Hub. She is very inclusive and makes the classes fun and relaxed. You get the chance to have a good workout without having to worry about baby being fussy or needing attention. I always look forward to the sessions!

Postnatal Yoga

Mandy is a wonderful support


Jess - Mandy is a wonderful support

Mandy is a wonderful support both as a yoga teacher and also outside of it - helping in any way she can with everything from childcare advice to post-natal recovery. She has been kind, supportive and good humoured and calm - even in the inevitable moments in class where she is teaching over 7 screaming babies.” (Jess)

Postnatal Yoga

Mandy really encourages everyone


Ann-Marie - Mandy really encourages everyone

I first attended Mandy’s pregnancy yoga classes when I was pregnant with my first baby, the yoga helped hugely with my pregnancy aches and pains but most of all the support and encouragement from both Mandy and the rest of the group was amazing. Mandy really encourages everyone to engage with each other which wasn’t something that I had experienced in other groups I attended, it meant that I felt safe in asking that daft question or verbalising my fears! I then went on to attend baby massage and postnatal yoga with my first baby and again the support and ability to engage with other new moms was fantastic! I have recently had my second baby and attended pregnancy yoga, whilst I had less concerns and worries about pregnancy and birth the classes gave me a dedicated hour to have just for me...which was so important and you don’t get much time to yourself when you are running around after a toddler! I am now attending postnatal yoga and although this is having to be done via zoom Mandy has continued to provide a safe environment and an opportunity to engage with other Moms! Thank you Mandy you help me keep my sanity!

Postnatal Yoga

You have built a community, and I will be forever thankful for it


Sally - You have built a community, and I will be forever thankful for it

It has been my quiet space each week. 2nd time round the conversations and discussions have made me think about my own thoughts around birth and helped build relationships with other ladies attending the classes. It really is a safe space. I have never felt more worthy as a mother than in the classes. I enjoy that it's all about me as a mother to take time out. I can't imagine my pregnancy/motherhood without you and your classes.  It helped, it soothed, made me relax and take time to think about my motherhood journey.  Without that I'm not sure what journey my thoughts and my anxieties would have taken me down. I have named you as my fairy godmother before. A saviour in times when things have felt so hard. Safe, friendly, comforting. Relaxing. You have built a community, and I will be forever thankful for it.

Postnatal Yoga



Lucy - Amazing!

Thank you for everything. The classes have been amazing and my strength has improved so much! I’ll definitely be in touch again if we have baby no 2!
Lucy xx

Postnatal Yoga

Mandy has the most incredible positive calming effect


Anon - Mandy has the most incredible positive calming effect

Mandy has the most incredible  positive calming effect on everyone around her. Classes are perfectly arranged to give time to chat, enjoying the relaxation you need and get to know other mums.

Postnatal Yoga

Every class provides a relaxed and friendly environment


Gee - Every class provides a relaxed and friendly environment

I first attended baby massage classes when my son was 3 months old, and then went on to do mum and baby yoga, and I’m on my 4th block of classes now (my son is now 9 months old!) Every class provides a relaxed and friendly environment, great yoga for post pregnancy, focussing on pelvic floor exercises and breathing, and a general feel good hour where you can forget about the outside world. The cake and tea are a bonus at the end of the classes and I have met some really lovely moms through attending. Mandy has a special gift at teaching and she never fails to create a relaxed environment for the babies, who all seem fixated by her presence. I am so glad I found her classes as Wednesdays are my favourite days of the week! Cannot recommend enough.

Postnatal Yoga

So supportive and positive


Laura - So supportive and positive

Mandy is an absolutely fantastic teacher and she has really enjoyable classes. The classes are calm and Mandy makes everyone feel comfortable, even with babies screaming or crawling over other babies. I've been with Mandy since I was pregnant and already miss attending her classes. I feel like I've made a friend. She is so supportive and positive. The coffee and cake after is also a great touch as it allows us to get to know the other mum's in the classes.

Postnatal Yoga

Just do it! You won't regret it...


Rachael - Just do it! You won't regret it...

I felt less stressed, more connected, like I could cope. Mandy’s fabulous approach to making you feel like you could be a mother and believe in yourself. Yes it helped me a lot with postnatal depression. Just do it ! You won’t regret it and it will be the best investment you make into yourself and your bond with your baby.