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I Believe...

I believe that mothers are the key to global happiness and it’s my mission to give every mother the support she needs to create a happy life for herself and her family.

I am empowering mothers to change the world.

When we are noticed, we step into a different space where we feel supported and empowered. I am here to create that nurturing, honest and compassionate space for you and your baby. Spaces throughout the world where mothers like us can be authentic and the best version of ourselves.

When you are at your best; so is your family. Your happiness gives you permission to ride with the highs and the lows and to accept yourself at any given moment. It is joyfully releasing.

By looking after the mother in you; I look after the world. I create happiness on a global scale.

Mandy Rees Vision Statement

What does an empowered mother look like?

She is incredible. She feels strong and powerful and knows that she can raise confident and happy children without losing any aspect of herself. Motherhood compliments her. It doesn’t diminish her in any way. She knows that she will have tough times and she has circles of support in place to get through these. She knows that she is important enough to fight her own corner and get what she wants when she needs to. She doesn't feel guilty about that because it is her right to be happy.

Everything that I do honours the mother and encourages her to honour and value herself.

A person who feels valued is a happier person. She feels loved and supported, she is more confident and emotionally well. You have a well-rounded human being able to identify her own wants, desires and passions. One who is able to keep hold of all of these characteristics when she becomes a mother. She refuses to be lost in the chaos of motherhood. Instead, motherhood allows her to grow as she mothers with confidence and doesn't feel that asking for help makes her weak. She doesn't hide away worrying that she is a bad mum. She feels safe enough to admit that she's finding it hard because she knows that she isn't failing. She knows that she will get through this and that doing all she can right now is enough.

I create circles of support where mothers can be themselves and know that wanting to be loved, honoured and respected is exactly as it should be. Spaces where wounds can be healed and friendships made.

Having the support of other women is so, so important. Taking away the fear of being judged by other mothers is a total game-changer. It means you don't have to put on a brave face or continue to hide or pretend to be someone you are not. The authentic and empowered mother in you is able to shine and she attracts her authentic tribe; the people you should be with, the good ones who lift you and encourage you to shine.

Mandy Rees, Mother For Life empowered mother

My vision:


A world that values all mothers in an authentic and loving way.


A world where every mother understands how important she is and the difference she makes.


When mother’s look after themselves they are in the best position to look after their children. They teach their children the importance of self-care and self-respect by putting boundaries in place. They create their own circles where their children can grow into the best version of themselves.


With happier mothers, we have happier children. Happier children create a happier world.