Baby Massage


The Benefits Of Baby Massage

I adore baby massage. I have a love affair with the power of positive touch and how this benefits everyone; you, your baby and your family.

Baby massage is all about touch, love, connection and confidence.

Giving birth is one of the major milestones in your life. An experience you will never forget. If you feel this way, take a moment to look at it from your baby’s perspective. He or she has been through something of a journey to arrive here and it takes time to adjust. Baby massage, through touch (essentially love) helps both of you feel safe and welcomed. It is a beautiful and positive way for both of you to nurture each other in your own time.

I now include baby massage within my Mother and Baby Circle, details of which can be found here: Mother and Baby Circle. My reasoning for this is that my years of working with mums like you has shown me that we all benefit from a little bit of everything when shared in a safe and supportive space. More than baby massage or yoga, feeling comfortable and understood is really important for you right now. Having somewhere you can come to where you know that you and your baby will be taken care of is often exactly what you need.

I love babies. I love supporting you more.

All my Postnatal Circles are safe, supportive and nurturing spaces for you and your baby where you grow together at your own pace. They are baby led. Changing nappies, feeding and simply being with your baby are all welcome. You know your baby better than anyone; please be guided by what they and you both need each week.

mothers and newborns, Mother For LifeI am available to you during, after and outside of a Circle. I do everything I can to make sure that we get to know each other and build a relationship where you feel comfortable. I teach everyone as an individual even though you are part of a group of mums.

I also create a community for you and take time to introduce you to other mums so that you can share your experiences of motherhood and create friendships. Many of my mums have been friends for years after coming to one of my Circles.

In the baby massage element of the Postnatal Circle you will find:

  • guidance on safely massaging your baby in a loving and positive way to help: settle and soothe her
  • ways to generate oxytocin – that warm, loving feeling we feel when we are happy and loved
  • information on strokes to help strengthen her body, relieve wind, colic and reflux and aid digestion and calm and settle her in a way that also honours and pays attention to her own emotions and birth journey
  • Time to strengthen your bond as a two individuals getting to know each other in a world unknown to both of you
  • a space for you and your baby to socialise with other babies and feel comfortable in a social environment and where she can express her own personality in a safe space – babies have voices that need to be heard.

Each Circle includes a guided relaxation and meditation – yes, we do get moments of quiet each week. They include:

  • time at the beginning for you to stretch your tired neck and shoulders
  • time to breathe in an energetic and connected way perhaps for the first time since your baby was born
  • guilt free time to switch off from the demands of motherhood
    time to lie with or hold your baby and feel into the connection between you. Navigating motherhood is tricky. Some of us feel an unending bond with our baby from the moment he is born. For others, it takes a little longer. Being still together helps the two of you to develop a quiet understanding, a deeper love and trust.
  • Bonding can take time.
  • positive readings and guidance on motherhood to boost your confidence.
  • time to rest.
  • The doors are never closed so it doesn’t matter if you are running late. I don’t ever want you to feel anxious about having to arrive on time.

It’s my hope that you become part of the Mother for Life family and feel that the Circle is always there for you no matter how old your children are and that you continue to return for years to come.