Birth Trauma and PTSD

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Giving birth is experienced differently by everyone. Two women can have what looks to be the same birth, but they can feel and experience it completely differently to one another.

There are so many varying factors as to why one woman may experience the birth of their child traumatically compared to another; your own past experiences, your own birth mothers birth experiences, being fearful of medical procedures in general, feelings of loss of control during the birth and poor medical care during the birth.

You must never minimise the impact a traumatic birth can have on you. Birth trauma and/or PTSD is a common mental health condition and you are not alone in your feelings and experiences.

Have you been feeling any of the below;

vivid flashbacks (feeling that the trauma is happening right now)
intrusive thoughts and images and/or nightmares
physical sensations such as pain, sweating, nausea or trembling
panicking when reminded of the trauma
being easily upset or angry, or extreme alertness, sometimes known as ‘hypervigilance’
finding it hard to sleep, finding it hard to concentrate
being jumpy or easily startled
self-destructive or reckless behaviour
feeling like you have to keep busy and avoiding situations that remind you of the trauma
being unable to remember details of what happened
feeling emotionally and physically numb
being unable to express affection
using alcohol or recreational drugs to avoid memories
feeling like you can’t trust anyone and like nowhere is safe
blaming yourself for what happened.
If you are reading this and feeling like I am describing your situation perfectly, I really want you to hear me when I say you are not alone, this is not your fault and you can get help……it will get better. Please talk to your midwife/health visitor/GP, there is help and support out there for you and you deserve support in helping you heal.

I am a 3-step Rewind Practitioner and can help you if you have experienced birth trauma. Most importantly, don’t keep your feelings to yourself.

This is a helpful site where I obtained my information and has lots of signposting to services too. Please take a look, talk to someone and know there are people out there who want to support you.