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Facts & Figures
October-December 2018: 15.3 million women in the UK aged 16 and over in employment.
22% in high-skilled professional occupations.
Female employment at its highest rate since comparable records began in 1970.
June 2019: 75.1% of mothers with dependent children work.
Up from 74.2% in 2018.
Office for National Statistics October 2019

2018: 17% of SMEs with employees were led by women.
Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Survey

In 2018:

  • women were 23.7% of those employed as chief executives and senior officials and 37.0% of those employed as functional managers and directors.
  • the percentage of women on FTSE100 boards increased to 29%, with 305 women directors.
  • the percentage of non-executive directors increased to 35.4%, with 280 women holding non-executive directorships positions.

Susan Vinnicombe, Elena Doldor, and Ruth Sealy, The Female FTSE Board Report 2018

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A 2018 study by MMB Magazine found these to be the fears of top female employees on returning to work:
62% childcare costs
59% fear flexible working request would be rejected
48% how they would feel
41% career stalling/not being put forward for promotion

Unsupported women are fearful of returning to work after having had a baby. They are unable to have honest conversations with their employers to ensure that the return works well for both parties.

Today's return to work mum expects to be able to return on flexible terms. Does your organisation allow for this on an individual level? Do you offer true flexible working tailored to that woman?

Your clients expect female representation at all levels with your organisation. Paying lip service to this is no longer acceptable.

Girls continue to out-perform boys academically and represent a huge pool of talent. To be the best, you need to recruit and retain the best.

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This the current situation for most women on maternity leave from work;

  • keep in touch days whilst on maternity leave;
  • no coaching/support before she goes on leave;
  • outdated policies; and
  • most employers have no specific return to work mentoring scheme or one to one support for the returning to work mum despite the clear demand for this.

Within organisations, that woman may be facing:

  • actual bias;
  • unconscious bias;
  • systems failures;
  • perceptions based on her previous experiences; and
  • perceptions based on the experiences of her colleagues.

All of this creates anxiety around her return to work and leads to many women not returning at all or doing so unsuccessfully.

The employer that offers bespoke coaching for mums about to commence their maternity leave and when they are returning to work sets themselves apart from their competitors and stands out as being exceptional to their clients.

My coaching bridges that gap between you and your colleague. I am someone who fills the space between the aspirations and expectations of the returning mum and your business needs.

I offer:

  • guidance in identifying her personal and professional goals that leads to establishing a clear plan setting out her personal and professional goals
  • planning for realistic expectations around motherhood during her pregnancy
  • a safe space to speak honestly and have the conversations she is not able to have with you
  • help in adjusting to the demands of motherhood
  • wellbeing guidance and practical sessions tailored to her needs
  • help to deal with guilt on returning to work
  • planning of the practicalities around her return to work
  • mentoring to help with self-confidence and belief
  • help creating effective support networks
  • access to an established support network
  • access to other experts - physios, nutritionists, doulas, dieticians, cooks, etc
  • the ability to guide her into a positive outcome for both of you

My Bridge The Gap Mentoring Programme

  1. Eight one-to-one hour long face-to-face or Zoom mentoring sessions to be taken as two whilst at work during her pregnancy, three whilst on maternity leave and three once she has returned to work;
  2. ad hoc conversations and queries outside these sessions at no extra cost; and
  3. ongoing telephone support during her 3-month initial return to work period.
Buesiness, Mandy

Everything is tailored to your returning to work colleague so that she feels heard, valued and welcomed back by you.

She will explore whether she really does want to return and, if so, on what basis and what her career aspirations really are.

You receive a clear and well thought through message from her so that you are able to make an informed decision about her role within your business.

Some mums may not return and that will be the best outcome for both of you based on her circumstances. She will leave with your blessing and as an advocate for your business. Those who do return will be motivated, committed and a standout role model for their colleagues.

Your business will be seen as exceptional in the support it offers to working mums.

Please get in touch and we can discuss this in more detail. My personal experience of working as a real estate lawyer at a senior level through two pregnancies, and returning to work both times, puts me in a unique position to coach other mothers as they transition through this important time in their lives.

I understand her worries and needs as well as those of your organisation.