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An Introduction

Let me start by sharing some words from Gemma who is training to be a Mother Circle Guide:

Gemma, Mother For Life Circle Training‘It’s very difficult to explain Mandy’s Mother Circle Programme in words. It’s more of a feeling. A deep powerful feeling of true togetherness. I joined the Mother Circle training to gain confidence in running Circles with mums, providing them a safe place to talk and be themselves. But I soon discovered that this went beyond that. This isn’t just a course, it is an awakening to what is true & needed. It has changed the way I think and approach the world for the better. The Circle provided with the other candidates of the course quickly became a true circle of friendship. It felt like we had known each other for years despite only ever seeing each other through the screen. It was the real deal, the real power of a Mother Circle. To really appreciate what these Circles can do for mums you just have to be in it, do it and then the difference they can make unfolds before your eyes and is astounding.’

Mother For Life Circle TrainingI haven't always had a good relationship with myself or other women. And that undid me when I became a mum. I felt lonely and ashamed of the young mum in me. I needed other mums to talk to and I didn't have it. When I gave up my career in law, I knew that I had to bring mums together. The healer in me wanted to save others from sadness, loneliness, and feelings of failure. If mums can't find support and confidence, this affects all of their relationships and their ability to mother. It affects their family, their ability to return successfully to work. Most fundamentally, it affects how they value themselves and how society values them.

It has a local, national, and international impact on society. Picture a world where every mother has the support she needs, a space where she sits with other mothers to share her story without any worry about how she will be heard, a space where she belongs and is listened to with empathy, a healing space where she lets go of what she thinks she has to be and begins to become who she is meant to be.

In Mother Circles, we nurture mothers and we change the world. We empower kind, balanced and wholesome mothering. We put mothers at the centre so they feel valued.

There are not enough spaces like this for mums to go to and we need more. Imagine being the holder of that space? Making mums feel safe. You build it and they will come.

We all need community, belonging and understanding. I run successful circles that fit around my family, that inspire me to be a better person, and do change the world. Mums hold the key to nurturing the future of our society. If we’re going to do that in the right way, we need nurturing too.

Globally, we will change the world one Circle at a time. That's my mission.

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