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Mother Circle Guide Programme

Mother For Life Circle guide

You know you want to make a difference, to help others find a place for encouragement and support, with no judgement. To build your own business, where you can guide and mentor others to feel empowered.

You understand being a parent can be both rewarding and challenging. And the power of being with like minded individuals to grow, inspire and nurture, where there is absolute encouragement and support.

You want to create your own groups to provide that space and support parents to live a life of joy and happiness. Where no one feels stuck, unsure or judged as it is their time to be confident and flourish, to be amongst friends and never alone.

Mother For Life Circle guideYou are in the right place and I am passionate to support you in this exciting new world.

The Circle Guide Programme is a unique, six step online course, to develop an inspiring, supportive and flexible business centred around motherhood. I am so excited to be offering this which includes everything you need to hold space within your own Mother Circles and to support mothers with babies and children of all ages.

With lifetime access to all resources so that you study a mix of self-learning and live online sessions around YOUR time schedule, from three months to however long you decide.

Mother For Life Circle guide

What does it involve?
You also get expert business advice and guidance from me to help you launch your business supporting mothers alongside creating a fulfilling and inspiring life for yourself.

What will you gain?
The programme is certified by the International Association of Therapists, where you will earn a Diploma in Holding Space in Mother Circles

What will you achieve?
Building your own facilitated and dedicated Circles, enabling others to find balance between being a parent and being them. Supporting them in finding the freedom to do what you want to do.

I see you, I am here for you and am passionate to support you building the life you deserve. Click below for more details and to apply

Click for more details and to apply

Mother For Life Circle guide