What Is A Mother Circle?


What is a Mother Circle?

A Mother Circle is a way for mums to come together in a nurturing space and share their experiences, challenges and wisdom related to motherhood. It provides a safe and empathetic space for you to connect, relax and build a motherhood community.

They are fun, emotional and uplifting.

Mother Circles exist so that you can take a break from the every day ‘doing’ of being a mum. Instead you can just ‘be’; enjoy slowing down, being with other mums and listening to how they are finding things. It’s your opportunity to learn from one another and become friends.

The Mother Circle is your place to speak freely but sharing is not a requirement. If you feel more comfortable listening, please do exactly that. Everything spoken about remains confidential within the Circle – this is one of the sacred principles of the space – we are all there to support each other.



“I started with Mandy at pregnancy yoga, she created a safe space for moms to relax, learn from other moms and talk. A truly wholesome experience. I had to go back with my baby to the Mum & Baby Circle.

This space is like no other you will go to with your baby. The atmosphere, knowledge and ease you feel is wonderful. You have changed mine and my son’s life truly with your suggestions and kindness.

Forever grateful to you for creating such a lovely place for us Mothers”