Common Questions


What is a Mother Circle? ....

A Mother Circle is a way for mums to meet each other in a nurturing space and share their experiences, challenges, and wisdom related to motherhood. It provides a safe and empathetic space for you to connect, relax and build a motherhood community.

They are fun, emotional and uplifting.

Mother Circles exist so that you can take a break from the everyday ‘doing’ of being a mum. Instead you can just ‘be’. It’s a time to slow down, be with other mums and listen to how they are finding things. It’s your opportunity to learn from one another and become friends.

The Mother Circle is your place to speak freely but sharing is not a requirement. If you feel more comfortable listening, please do exactly that. Everything spoken about remains confidential within the Circle – this is one of the sacred principles of the space – and we are all there to support each other.

“I started with Mandy at pregnancy yoga. She created a safe space for moms to relax, learn from other moms and talk. A truly wholesome experience. I had to go back with my baby to the Mum & Baby Circle. This space is like no other you will go to with your baby. The atmosphere, knowledge and ease you feel is wonderful. You have changed my and my son’s life truly with your suggestions and kindness. Forever grateful to you for creating such a lovely place for us mothers❤️’ Sarah

What are the benefits of joining our Mother Circle?

Supportive community: You will meet other mums who truly understand the challenges and joys of motherhood. They are going through what you are going through and they get it.

Friendship and connection: Our Mother Circle has a magical way of fostering meaningful friendships and connections with fellow mums. It gives you a network of support that extends beyond the Circle itself. We stay in touch via a WhatsApp group and lots of mums meet up outside the Circle. These ladies serve as a vital lifeline, offering support and solace when needed. Think of them as your fellow motherhood cheerleading squad.

Emotional wellbeing: The Mother Circle allows you to express your thoughts, worries, and experiences without worrying about what anyone there is going to think. No-one judges anyone. This provides you with a safe emotional release and reduces any anxieties you have.

Validation and understanding: Being part of the Mother Circle offers you a place for validation and understanding. Mothering can feel really lonely and the Circle helps you remember that you are not alone as you navigate all the things being a mum brings.

Confidentiality and trust: The Mother Circle is always safe and confidential. We build trust in each other so that you can open up honestly if you want to, safe in the knowledge that your thoughts and stories will be respected and kept confidential.

Emotional healing: It provides an opportunity for emotional healing. You can explore your feelings and receive support from others who have faced similar challenges. For example, we may talk about relationship challenges or the loss of identity many people feel after they have a baby. We talk about things that so many women experience but may not have thought about before they became a mum.

Empowerment: The Mother Circle empowers you by fostering self-confidence and providing you with tools, resources, and strategies to navigate the ups and downs of motherhood. The Circle is about reminding you that you have the capacity to do this and it provides you with simple exercises that make life feel easier such as mindfulness, relaxation and emotional health reminders. It’s the mum toolkit you never knew you needed..

Access to information: We often have informative discussions on various motherhood-related topics which can help you make informed decisions. We talk about feeding, sleep, weaning, returning to work, body image, managing not-so-helpful relatives, taking your baby to a wedding, going on holiday, what you need to pack…. The list really is endless.

Self-care and self-reflection: The Mother Circle is your reminder of how important you are and that one of the greatest gifts you can give your baby is to look after yourself. It is your dedicated weekly space for self-care and self-reflection. Precious time for you amidst the demands of motherhood. We share guided meditations and relaxations each week. And yes, babies join in too!

Encouragement and inspiration: We offer encouragement and inspiration to each other. As mums, we witness the strength and resilience each other has which helps us to see that we can also get through our own challenges.

Celebrating milestones: We create a space to celebrate milestones, both big and small, in your baby’s life and in your mothering journey. We have had first rolling over and first shuffles in our Circles. We celebrate sleeping milestones and preparing for work outside the home goals. The Circles are built on the belief that when we support each other, we are all raised up.

How long does each Mother Circle last?
The Mother Circle and Pregnancy Circle each last for 2 hours.

The Sisterhood Circle tends to last around 3 hours.

Where do your Circles take place?
Park Hill, Moseley. This is just off the Alcester Road and very close to a bus stop.
Is there parking?
There is free roadside parking.
Is there space for buggies?
Yes, there is a dedicated buggy space right next to the Pod where the Circles take place. It is safe and under cover.
How much are the Circles?
The Mother Circle is £100 for a 6-week block.

The Pregnancy Circles is £140 for an 8-week block.

How do I book?

Please drop me an email or complete the Contact Form you can find on the Homepage menu. I can confirm availability and send you a booking link.

Your place is confirmed once you have completed the health questionnaire and paid the relevant Circle fee.

Why do I need to complete the health questionnaire?
The health questionnaire is very important as it makes me aware of any pre-existing medical conditions or other relevant issues. Anything you share with me on the questionnaire is confidential.
Do I have to take the weeks consecutively?
The Mother Circles run in set 6-week blocks with each week following the next – subject to school holidays. Mother Circles only run during term times.

You can join the Pregnancy Circle at any time but the 8 weeks are to be taken consecutively unless otherwise agreed. If you have less than 8 weeks left of your pregnancy, please get in touch as I can often offer a shorter block. Some ladies have started as late as 36 weeks.

The Pregnancy Circle runs throughout the year, other than when I am on holiday. It is on a Monday evening, other than on a bank holiday week when it is on a Tuesday.

When can I start pregnancy yoga in the Pregnancy Circle?
I ask that all my lovely mums-to-be are between 10 and 12 weeks pregnant before they come along to the classes. Some ladies like to wait until they’ve had their 12-week scan before coming along but you’re welcome anytime from 10 weeks.

Lots of ladies start around this time and carry on until their due date or as close to that as they feel works for them. However, you can start at any time. Some ladies start at 28 to 32 weeks plus. You’re never too late to join unless your baby is on the way – although I’ve also had mums at 40 plus weeks coming along and some who are in the very early stages of their baby’s birth have also continued with the Circle! Get the hot towels at the ready!

Can I join the Pregnancy Circle late in my pregnancy?
Yes, you can join at any time you feel well and mobile enough. Shorter blocks are available in these circumstances.
I have a pregnancy-related condition such as reflux, sciatica or pelvic girdle pain. Is that a problem?
No, it’s usually not a problem. Please just let me know in your Health Questionnaire which is completed as part of the booking process.

I’m trained to deal with the usual pregnancy related issues and can adapt all of the postures to make them safe for both you and your baby. Hopefully, we can come up with some postures that will help and make pregnancy more comfortable for you.

Does it matter that I've never done yoga before?
Absolutely not. Every Circle is open to everyone of every level. Most of my mums that come along have never practised yoga before. There are also mums who have a regular yoga practice and also fellow yoga teachers. Everyone works at their own level and everyone puts in as much as they feel they can on that particular day. I demonstrate all the prenatal and postnatal yoga postures so you can follow me.

I am not a very bendy yoga teacher. I ask that you be guided by your body and always ask me if you have any questions.

When can I join the Mother Circle?
The Mother Circle is here for you, as soon as you feel ready to join. Having a baby is a big thing. Please allow yourself some time to gently ease into being a mum and don’t feel under any pressure to leave the house too quickly. In a nutshell, come along as soon as you feel ready to make it out of the house with all of your baby kit and caboodle!

There are some movement and postnatal yoga elements in the Mother Circle. These are suitable from 6-weeks postpartum or a little longer if your baby was born by c-section. If you would like to join the Mother Circles before this, I can modify and adapt the postures for you.

How long can I stay in the Mother Circle for?
Please stay for as long as you need and for as long as your baby will allow you to. There is no specific baby cut-off age as every baby is different. It depends on how mobile they are.

Once your baby is escaping from your yoga mat space a little too often, you might decide that you’re not able to relax and enjoy the Mother Circle as much as you did previously. I leave it up to each mum to make her own decision. You’re always the best judge of how much you are still getting from each Circle. If your baby is getting too mobile, the Sisterhood Circle that meets on an evening might be a good alternative for you.

What if my baby cries, needs feeding or changing?
Every baby is going to need to do each of these at some point, if not many times, in any Circle and they are most welcome to do so. My Circles are for you and your baby to be exactly as you are. There is no need to ever ask your baby to be quiet. His cries are his way of communicating with you and I would never want these to be silenced.

Please feel free to change nappies, feed, cuddle and soothe your baby as often as you need to. I can alter things to work around you. Sometimes, all the babies need their mum at once and we use this time for rest. Remember, the Mother Circle is about slowing down and letting go of expectations. Please use the Circle as your space to make as much of it as you can. If you’re feeding, consider this to be a quiet reflective time; some stillness in the crazy and exciting world of motherhood.

I am able to warm bottles for you and have a fridge to store milk.

What if my baby has a really loud cry?
Please, please don’t worry. You are both welcome. If it helps, your baby is never as loud as you think they are and everyone there has a baby who cries at some point. We understand.
What if I'm running late?
My motto is that there is never a late for a Mum & Baby Circle.

Babies work in their own time zone and won’t be rushed. You mustn’t feel rushed to arrive on time either. Please try to arrive before the Mother Circle finishes or simply join us after it for tea and biscuits. I never shut the door once my Circle has started, just let yourself in as and when you arrive.

Can I carry over a Circle that I miss?
I’m really sorry but this is not possible. Once you are booked into a block, the space has been saved for you for each week of that block. That means that I can’t offer it to anyone else just for the week that you are away. As my Circles are usually full, it often means that another mum has been turned away or is waiting to join.

I love what I do and it’s far more than just a job to me but it is also how I earn my living. If you carry over Circles, then I’m losing in that particular week. I guess it’s a bit like you taking a pay cut when a colleague takes a day off or is poorly.

Can I bring my partner or a relative with me?
Due to the confidential nature of the Mother Circle, it is only for you and your baby.

I do offer separate Circles for partners. Please feel free to get in touch if this is something your partner is looking for.

What qualifications do you have?
I am a 200-hour qualified yoga teacher registered with the Independent Yoga Network and have been teaching for over 10 years.

I’m a registered Birthlight postnatal yoga teacher.

I am an Emotional Health Coach.

I am an expert at holding space for women, a healer and feminine energy coach.

I have my St. John’s Ambulance first aid qualification which has been updated with a Mini First Aid course.

In terms of non-yoga qualifications, I’m a qualified commercial real estate lawyer and practised with Eversheds Sutherland in Birmingham for 14 years.

Are you insured?
Yes, I am insured with Westminster Insurance Limited.