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I know that most of you reading this page will have been blessed with a healthy baby or babies. Most of my mums are but not all. I have seen how heart-breaking the loss of a baby is. Blossom mums support each other; through the happy and the very sad. We work together as a team by being there for each other and helping in whatever way we can. That goes for the mums and their families who suffer perhaps the greatest loss.

woodland house appeal

That's why I'm fundraising to help Birmingham Women's Hospital build Woodland House. It's so important. Parent's trying to cope with the devastating loss of a baby need a dedicated and thoughtfully designed space where they can go to grieve and be supported. You too can play an important part in helping to build this amazing new centre.

I'm inviting you all to join me at our various special fundraising events and to follow and share our updates and, if you are able to, to make a donation on our Just Giving page.

Mandy Rees, Just Giving Appeal Mandy Rees, Just Giving Appeal