Guiding Values


Guiding Values

Mother for Life celebrates the transformative journey of motherhood.

Mother for Life empowers women to create a business and community that are aligned and bring joy and rightful change into our world.

Mother for Life harnesses the power of sisterhood, helping women treat themselves and other women with love, which, in turn, inspires collective growth.

The aim of Mother for Life is to create a global network of Mother Circles which gives every mother access to non-judgemental support and a space to openly share her feelings.

A further objective of Mother for Life is to create a world where mothers are uplifted, supported and empowered to become the version of themselves they want to be without any guilt or judgement.

It is about enabling each woman to connect with her inner feminine so she can grow in strength and find fulfilment each and every day.

The Motherfesto

1. A global network of Mother Circles: Recognising that every mother needs support and committing to the creation of a global network of Mother Circles. The circles give each mother access to a place where she can talk openly about how she feels and the challenges she is facing without judgement. Creating that ‘Motherhood Village’ we all need.

2. Being brave about embracing our worth: Recognising that motherhood means giving up a piece of who you are and that this requires being brave enough to reclaim some of yourself so that you are a mum alongside everything else you are. It’s about encouraging each other to not be less than who we are because of the way society views a ‘mother’. And supporting each other so that motherhood never diminishes us. Recognising that mothers possess unique wisdom, resilience and love that shape the lives of our children and inspire others.

3. Liberation through connection: Recognising the outdated constraints and mental constructs in terms of what society thinks a ‘mother’ is, what she wants and what she can offer. Coming together to pave the way for our children and their children to break through these limits. Re-defining motherhood through deep connections and meaningful relationships among women. Recognising the power of Mother Circles, where we come together to share our stories, support one another and create a safe space for growth, vulnerability and understanding. Together, we reignite that spark within each other – the essence of you – so that we all embrace our new roles and face our challenges with an open heart, free from the expectations of others.

4. Treating ourselves with love: Respecting our feminine need to slow down and pause by creating a sanctuary for rest. Being compassionate with ourselves and creating space to work out exactly who we want to be, free from the opinions of family, friends, employers and society. Understanding that being kind to ourselves is essential. Prioritising our physical, emotional and mental health and recognising that, by taking care of ourselves, we become better mothers, partners and individuals.

5. Personal growth through our matriarch intuition: We all have a mother energy within us. We all have intuition and inner wisdom. We have been taught to ignore these because it’s ‘easier’ that way. Easier for whom? Not us. This is a commitment to learning to trust ourselves. We all gain knowledge through time and experience. It’s about instilling that second-time mum wisdom into all first-time mums so that none of us are afraid of our responsibilities. The aim of Mother for Life is to elevate our mother’s intuition so that you know when your baby needs you, you know when you are struggling and when to ask for help. You become the wise woman of your own life and choices.

6. Empowering each other: Lifting each other up in true cooperation and stepping away from competition. Celebrating our achievements and supporting one another through challenges. Empowering fellow mothers because this leads to a collective movement, creating a ripple effect of inspiration and transformation within our families, communities and society. Being there for each other when things are good and also when they are tough. Changing the world for women.

7. Role modelling balance: Striving for balance in all aspects of our lives so that our children do the same. Being comfortable in our own skin so that we manage the challenges and the bumps in the road that we all face with strength, resilience and the necessary amount of good humour. There will be times when things don’t go to plan and we acknowledge that this is okay. We recognise that motherhood does not define us and we embrace our passions and dreams beyond our roles as mothers.

8. Respecting choices: Honouring the choices each mother makes for herself and her family. This is a judgement-free environment where all mothers are supported, regardless of their parenting styles, career paths or personal decisions.

9. Inspiring future generations: Recognising that we are role models for our children and acknowledging that this is a gift. Inspiring them to embrace their full potential to pursue their dreams fearlessly by instilling in them the values of empathy, compassion and resilience. Understanding that we have the opportunity to influence empowered individuals who can make a positive impact in the world by the way we mother and guide them.

10. United in motherhood: United as a global community in our shared journey of motherhood. We offer support, guidance and love to one another without the expectation of anything in return. We seek out those who need support and offer this in unexpected ways and places.

Mother for Life supports all parents and does not discriminate against anyone because of race, disability, colour, sex, age, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression. Mother for Life is committed to providing every family in the world with access to a nurturing space where they can support their own wellbeing. A core aim is to help everyone find their place in the world. This means continually celebrating the diverse communities that different families cultivate and committing to promoting love and understanding amongst individuals.