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Introducing Mother for Life


Introducing Mother for Life…

As most of you already know, Blossom Yoga & Wellbeing rebranded to Mother for Life on 14th July 2020.

I’ve been updating all our social pages and posts to include the new name, but have been having a bit of trouble getting the new name approved for the Facebook page. Just to keep you all in the loop and ensure nobody is confused, I have written a little update for you all below ❤️

In short, I have changed our brand name from ‘Blossom Yoga & Wellbeing’ to ‘Mother for Life’. I will still be offering the same services, support and resources, but I feel the new name just better reflects who we are and the values we share in this community we’ve built.

As mothers, we are constantly giving- we give life and we sustain life. Mother for Life is representative of the support we offer each other throughout this crazy lifelong journey called motherhood. Once you conceive your child, you are a mother for life.

I hope you allow Mother for Life to wrap her arms around you as you journey into and through motherhood. I hope you find a space within her where you feel safe, heard, nurtured and valued. I hope she raises you up to love yourself and your life and that she holds you steady through the tough times.

Most importantly, I hope you all know that nothing has changed in terms of who we are as a community here. This will always be a safe, non-judgemental and empowering space here for you all when you need it.


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