Mama Retreats


A Mama Retreat is a sanctuary space for you.

A Mama Retreat is a time for you to focus on yourself for once, without feeling guilty about it.

I know how difficult it is to find any time for yourself when you are at home – there is always a ‘job’ to be done! Your baby shares the retreat with you but you are the priority for the morning. Allow me to look after you for a few hours.

Each Retreat is slightly different but is always a mixture of looking after yourself through relaxation and mindfulness, a little bit of baby massage or postnatal yoga and some creativity. It’s definitely a case of ‘being’ rather than ‘doing’. A sanctuary for you away from life’s challenges and for you to rest.

It is a space where you can share how you are feeling – if you want to – without worrying about what anyone else may think. I make sure that no judgements are made and that everyone is listened to with kindness. I am an emotional health coach, amongst my many other hats, which means that I am able to offer you mindset/coaching advice if this is helpful and I am asked for it. Each Retreat ends up being a little different as I am guided by what you and the mums there need.

Mama Retreats are held in my Wellbeing Pod in Moseley of which I have exclusive use.
They start at 10:00am and finish just before 1:00pm.
Some Retreats are baby age specific – please get in touch here and I can let you know details of future Mama Retreat mornings.

Each Retreat is £45.
This includes your choice of hot and cold drinks, delicious snacks on arrival and throughout the morning, as well as all materials and a pampering gift pack just for you.


Next Retreats

Loved Up Mama Retreat: Wednesday 14 February 2024. Join me and other mamas for a sanctuary of love, wellbeing, movement and cake.

Mum relaxing with her baby at a Mama Retreat in Birmingham

Please get in touch about the Retreats by using the form below. I will get back to you as soon as I can.