Mother Circle


Mother Circle Training

Picture a future where you’re running a successful business that not only fuels your own personal growth but brings about meaningful change in the world. Train to become a Mother Circle Guide and empower women to navigate their lives and support their families with greater ease.

Imagine the immense pride and satisfaction you’ll feel as you guide mums through the emotional ups and downs of motherhood, helping them cultivate confidence and develop supportive connections with other women.

Mothers are the foundation of a society. Raising them up and uniting them in strength not only bolsters their families but the wider community too. Being a Mother Circle Guide couldn’t be more important in today’s demanding and complex world.

This accredited programme will equip you with the skills and tools you need to deliver your own enjoyable and transformative Mother Circle sessions.

This is your moment to turn your dream of supporting women on their motherhood journey into reality. Build a business that reflects your unique energy and co-exists with all the other parts of you; a business that reflects how you want to live your life, and what you offer to those around you.

Mandy’s Mother Circle Guide Course is one of the best experiences I’ve had. I chose to do the course to provide support to my clients within the fire brigade who are navigating motherhood and trying to go back to work. I also want to incorporate it into my pelvic floor work where talking can be exceptionally difficult.

The modules of Mandy’s course are so in-depth and full of amazing information. They also make you think about yourself and how you can grow to be the best mother circle guide.


Mother Circle Guide Training

Mandy has created a wonderful resource hub in her course that helped me with the ‘how’ of what I wanted to do and made me clear on the ‘why’.

It’s a very extensive course as she covers personal growth, skills to hold a circle and materials to be able to start your business and market it and the best part is she is constantly updating the course as and when she gets new material and you have permanent access to it.


Mother Circle Guide Training

Mandy is warm and approachable and happy to answer any questions you have, with various opportunities to ask these including calls, a WhatsApp group and Facebook group, all of which are available on an ongoing basis, so you can work through everything in your own time and there is no pressure or deadlines to meet.

If you feel called to support women in your community but are looking for support and guidance on how you might do this, and do it in the best way you can, then I would definitely recommend this programme. 


Mother Circle Guide Training

What is a Mother Circle?

A Mother Circle is a way for mums to come together in a nurturing space and share their experiences, challenges and wisdom related to motherhood. It provides a safe and empathetic space for mums to connect, relax and build their motherhood community.

As a Mother Circle Guide, you create and hold this space. You don’t need to worry about how to do this, what to say or what to do because I have covered all of this in the Mother Circle Guide Programme. Don’t worry if you feel the calling but have no idea how to go about creating your vision. We’ll do that together.

What are the benefits of the Mother Circle Guide training programme?

– Gain an internationally recognised wellness diploma certified by the International Association of Therapists. Accreditation can be achieved in as little as three months.

– Follow a well-defined framework so you can create and deliver inspiring, nurturing and relaxing Mother Circle sessions.

– Acquire all the knowledge you need to build a sustainable business, including lifetime access to practical resources, marketing advice and personalised coaching.

– Be part of a strong and supportive network of Mother Circle Guides all over the world, united in a desire to elevate women as part of a global sisterhood.

– Generate income doing something you love that fills you with a sense of purpose.

Mandy is an inspirational voice of calm and positivity at all times.

She goes above and beyond as a business mentor, makes herself available to chat, answer questions and boost all her course participants when we’re finding things tough.

Mandy’s course has changed my mindset to help me live more positively and spread more positivity and connection to my clients.


Mother Circle Guide Training

The course has given me SO much personally and I can’t wait to see how it impacts me professionally.

I’ve already started adding topics of chat to classes and people are responding well because I feel comfortable and confident to hold that space, without even having to hold myself back from offering help or advice.

Your support, honesty and kind heart has literally been a game changer and I’m beyond grateful that we crossed paths.


Mother Circle Guide Training

I think this course has been the most fulfilling I’ve done, it is everything and more than I could have hoped for.

The support from yourself and others has been incredible.

It feels nourishing for my soul. The reading list, the music, it expands my mind and creativity, craving me into my higher self. I feel empowered, gain clarity, enriched and more connected to myself. 


Mother Circle Guide Training

How does it work?

This programme is a combination of self-directed learning and online sessions you can fit around your schedule. It’s structured into six modules that can be completed at your own pace, with bonus modules to reinforce your understanding.

The core modules cover topics such as feminine empowerment, nurturing connectivity and structuring circle sessions as well as softer skills you will need to ‘hold space’ in your own circles. Holding space is the act of creating a safe, non-judgmental and empathetic environment for individuals to openly express their thoughts, feelings and experiences.

At the end of each module, you will complete an assignment, which will help you to devise and deliver effective mother circle sessions. The assignments are not complicated. You’ll be supported every step of the way.

How do I sign up and when can I start?

The Mother Circle Guide Programme opens for enrollment three times a year. Please click the link below for more details and to apply.



“Mandy is an inspirational voice of calm and positivity at all times. She goes above and beyond as a business mentor, makes herself available to chat, answer questions and boost all her course participants when we’re finding things tough. Mandy’s course has changed my mindset to help me live more positively and spread more positivity and connection to my clients.

She’s working hard to connect women to themselves, to empower us to support one another and then go forward doing the same for other women. She is more than a business woman, she’s a quiet presence of strength, kindness and positivity who is mentoring more of us to change the way we as women look at ourselves and each other.”

Marie Goasdoué


“The Mother Circle Guide Programme has been a cornerstone in my life. It has taken me on such a transformational journey, through who I am, what it means to be a woman, how we can support each other as mothers, and practical ideas on how to create our own circle.

It has allowed me such a deep reflection on what motivates me and why I am doing what I do. Mandy’s guidance is priceless. Her calm and peaceful presence is reassuring and inspiring. This programme has given me confidence, purpose, motivation, insights and much more, and has provided me with a strong and sturdy foundation to go out in the world and make an impact.

This programme is different from others that I have joined over the years, because there is a real emphasis on the self, and it means that Mandy offers an opportunity to maybe do the work of introspection that we all need so much before getting on with new knowledge, a much needed time of reflection that I have valued so much. To anyone on the fence of signing up to Mandy’s amazing programme, it is going to change your life for the best.”



“Mandy’s Mother Circle Training has been a truly wonderful journey. The course content is excellent, really well thought out and structured with full support as you work your way through… and I have REALLY taken my time! Mandy creates an incredible space for your own self development and exploration so that you can fully and confidently support other women with these circles.

We have the most inspiring whatsapp group, where everyone is very generous and supportive. It’s not just a course, it’s a community that is growing and evolving these wonderful circles together. Mandy’s support is second to none. She is generous and supportive, and an excellent mentor and coach. Thank you Mandy, I am so grateful to know you.”