Mother Circle Training


An Introduction to Mother Circle Training

My mission is to create a global motherhood village made up of an extensive network of Mother Circles that connect, support and elevate women all around the world. Mother Circles led by women like you who have learned their skills within the nurturing and supportive space of the Mother for Life Mother Circle training programme.

How it all began…

My first months as a new mum were the loneliest of my life. This isolation broke me and was a major factor in my postnatal depression. I had no first-hand reference point of what being a mum inviolved. This meant I placed huge expectations on myself. These were unrealistic and left me feeling inadequate and miserable.

I know that things would have been different if I’d had other mums to talk to. I would have been able to share my worries and let go of some of the pressure I put myself under. I would have known that it was okay to not love being a mum at times. Instead, I told myself that I wasn’t good enough and I felt guilty about pretty much everything.

This is why I know first-hand why Mother Circles are so essential.

I strongly believe that we need to change the way women treat each other. I haven’t always had a good relationship with myself or other women. I’ve experienced bullying from women. I’ve been unkind to women. I’ve seen my daughters suffer at the hands of other girls. We pit women against each other from an early age. It’s not necessary and it’s not right.

This is what undid me when I became a mum because I didn’t have a community of supportive women or a ‘mothering village’ behind me. No mother is an island, and it was only when I realised that I had to reach out and be willing to be embraced by others that my life changed for the better.

The more I learned about the importance of female community, the more passionate I became about finding and delivering solutions. This finally led me to create Mother Circles and communities of women who love, support and honour each other. I need women like you to help me.

Now is the time for us to lift each other and set an example for future generations so they learn that there is space for everyone to shine.

In these pages, you will find details of everything you need to create the same communities where you live. You too can be that role model and inspiration.

Please take some time to browse these pages. If you have any questions or want to learn more, you can drop me a message at: or give me a call on 07766 714926. Alternatively, please use the contact form here to send me a message.

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“It’s very difficult to explain Mandy’s Mother Circle programme in words. It’s more of a feeling. A deep powerful feeling of true togetherness. I joined the Mother Circle training to gain confidence in running Circles with mums, providing them with a safe place to talk and be themselves.

This isn’t just a course; it’s an awakening to what is true and needed. It has changed the way I think and approach the world for the better. The Circle ensured the other candidates on the course quickly became a true circle of friendship. It felt like we had known each other for years despite only ever seeing each other through the screen. It was the real deal – the real power of a Mother Circle.

To really appreciate what these Circles can do for mums you just have to be in it, do it and then see the difference they can make.”