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Fertility Healing

Mandy Rees, Mother For Life

The journey to conception is different for all of us and difficult for many. Sadly, many pregnancies end in miscarriage which is a devastating loss and difficult to come to terms with both physically and emotionally.

There may not always be entirely physical reasons why your body is struggling to conceive. Lifestyle, stress and anxiety all have an impact on your wellbeing. Energy levels within your body affect her health and this may be the missing piece to your jigsaw. This is often the unexplored side of conception.

If you choose to share your conception journey with me, I will help you to look at all of these things - with kindness and without any judgement. I offer a tailored mixture of coaching and energy healing through guided meditation, yoga, touch and self-massage to create positive energy within your womb space and heal past trauma. There is no one size fits all option here - you are unique and so is your journey.

I understand that this might not be something you've ever considered before and that it might feel very new to you. That is wonderful - being open to new things opens up energy channels within your body. Please do get in touch. We can have a no obligation conversation and you can decide if I can help you.

My Fertility Healing is a 4-session programme at £300 for the 4 sessions.