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Return to Work

Returning to work after maternity leave can feel daunting. Planning Your return is key to ensuring that it all goes smoothly and that you are in control.

My Return to Work Coaching starts with an initial session where we go through my Returning to Work Questionnaire. We can do this in person or via Zoom. I set aside two hours for this so that we can go through everything properly and send the questionnaire to you in advance. It is £150 for this review session.

This might be enough for you as it highlights all the things you need to think about when planning your return.

Further Coaching
However, it often highlights issues that need more time and focus. I am all about helping you feel confident about going back to work as well as identifying your immediate and long term goals on return.

From our initial session, we are usually able to narrow things down to some specifics. Many mums tell me they feel like they’ve forgotten all they know and worry about remembering how to do their job, self confidence is often an issue and boundary setting is so important but often forgotten. There's also the issue of managing the juggle of motherhood and a career. These things might be key for you.

Specific sessions based on issues arising out of our initial consultation are £50 an hour. It is worth investing in yourself at this time.

Guiding Hand on Return
I also offer a deeper level of support. This starts with the Return to Work Questionnaire Session, identifying what you need arising from that and me standing alongside you as you return to work and for three months after that time.

This includes:

  • the initial two hours to go through the Return to Work Questionnaire;
  • followed by a bi-weekly 30 minute check in one week and a 90 minute call/meeting the next. The 90 minute session can be by Zoom or in person;
  • you'll also receive 10 postnatal yoga class videos to follow as part of your self-care regime;
  • a voucher for an appointment for a massage in Stirchley (this is amazing);
  • four emergency calls with me; these are opportunities for you to call me if you need to check in about something urgently. I will call you back as soon as I can;
  • I'm also available to you via WhatsApp at all sensible times should you need to ask me anything or message me if you’re finding something challenging.

    Remember, I am by your side.

    This Guiding Hand Package is £550 a month for a minimum of 3-months. It could be the difference between the confident return to work you're looking for and it all feeling messy and stressful.

    I returned to work as a lawyer in a large commercial practice after both periods of maternity leave - I returned full-time after Grace was born. I understand how you’re feeling. I know that it is important to be properly prepared and to have nailed down what you want from your job when you return. I want you to have the balance of career and family without feeling guilty that you’re not doing either of them well. Setting your expectations and boundaries is the only way to ensure that this happens.