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Mama retreats

Mama Retreats

A Mama Retreat is a sanctuary space for you.

It is a time of self-care for you - I know how difficult it is to find any time for yourself when you are at home - there is always a 'job' to be done! Your baby shares the Retreat with you but you are the priority for the morning. Allow me to look after you for a couple of hours.

Each Retreat is slightly different but is always a mixture of self-care through relaxation and mindfulness, a little bit of baby massage or postnatal yoga and some creativity. It's definitely a case of 'being' rather than 'doing'. A sanctuary for you away from life’s challenges and for you to rest.

It is a space where you can share how you are feeling - if you want to - without worrying about what anyone else may think. I make sure that no judgements are made and that everyone is listened to with kindness. I am an emotional health coach, amongst my many other hats, which means that I am able to offer you mindset/coaching advice if this is helpful and I am asked for it. Each Retreat ends up being a little different as I am guided by what you and the mums there need.

Mama Retreats are held in my Wellbeing Pod in Moseley of which I have exclusive use. They start at 10:30am and finish just before 1:00pm. Some Retreats are baby age specific - please get in touch and I can let you know details of future Mama Retreat mornings.

Each Retreat is £45. This includes a choice of drinks and delicious snacks throughout the morning, as well as all materials and a gift pack just for you.

Georgina‘Mandy holds a beautiful space for mums to sit and be themselves. The yoga pod she hosted this event in is modern, light, spacious and perfectly equipped for mums and babies, not to mention instantly calming as soon as you step in - Mandys healing energy is a big part of this, as well as the pod being surrounded by nature at the bottom of the garden. I loved the baby massage (as did my baby!) and what I really valued was the opportunity to talk and share birth and motherhood experiences. Mandy facilitates with authenticity and sincerity, and not to mention serves delicious cake! I’d really recommend this retreat to any new mum - when I became a mum I underestimated how much of a deep journey it is and how much I’d need to share that with others - Mandy is helping create a community in Birmingham, and community is what new mums need to thrive.’ Georgina

Elizabeth ‘.... You always made everything OK and anything seem possible in such a safe and all-encompassing, and free space for us to be in. I think, energised as I was by your positivity, the more salient take-away was the concept that it was OK to not be OK, & it was OK to not be perfect at this; the most vital role we had ever held in our lives: being Mummies.’

Louise ‘Mandy puts everyone at ease, a beautiful space in every way for mother’s and babies alike.
Everyone should go to this above all others; for a fantastic maternity leave experience! Xx’