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Outdoor Wellbeing for Mum, Outdoor Classes for Babies

Our Nature Circle takes place in the great outdoors. It’s a space for us to meet and be connected; with ourselves, our babies, with nature and with each other.

Nature circle, Mother For Life

These Circles run at various times throughout the year. Each has a theme and a mindful activity. They are created with the wellbeing of you and your baby at their very centre.

It's a different kind of Circle where the focus is on 'being' rather than 'doing'. There are no tasks that need to be achieved but rather the focus is on finding beautiful quiet moments to connect and reflect.

This Circle is a mixture of guided mindfulness, babywearing, forest bathing, journalling, gratitude, creating nature art and simply 'being' in the great outdoors. Babies come in carriers so that you can move with them and keep them close. Part of each class is spent alone in your own thoughts and part as a group with other mums and me. I am there the whole time holding the group safely and leading the group parts of each Circle.

Nature circle, Mother For Life

    In each Circle, you will learn:
  • How to connect with nature in a more mindful way;
  • How to connect your baby in the great outdoors and introduce them to the wonder of nature and wildlife around us;
  • The art of forest bathing and the reasoning behind it; studies have shown that spending time among trees has calming, relaxing effects and boosts our immune systems.
  • How to use nature to awaken your creative side through nature art.
    As well as the Circles, you also receive:
  • Guided meditations and simple exercises to try at home; and
  • Guidance on gratitude practices to build into your daily routine;
  • Each Circle ends with tea and biscuits so that you have plenty of time to properly meet and chat with the other mums.


WEDNESDAY 1.30pm to 3.30pm
Rowheath Pavillion Grounds,
Heath Rd,
Bournville B30 1HH

6 classes, 1 Class per week
Class cost: £65

Mindfulness practices help calm feelings of overwhelm that many of us experience when we become mothers. Breathing in nature's air helps your lungs dilate and expels airborne toxins from your body. Fresh air boosts you and your baby’s immune systems, helping them fight bacteria and germs. It oxygenates your body and brain which helps you think more clearly and feel more energised.

The Circles take place in Moseley Park. If the weather is really bad, we will meet at my Pod in Moseley and bring the Circle inside. Please follow me on Facebook or Instagram to find out when the Nature Circle takes place and its theme.

Each Circle, including our tea time together, lasts for 90 minutes. It is suitable for mums with babies of all ages who are happy to be worn in a carrier or sling for most of the 90 minute session. Unfortunately, it is not suitable for toddlers as little ones of this age are a little too active for us to fully embrace the mindful elements of each Circle.

I love being outside. It's where I am at my happiest and where I think more clearly. I really want to share my love of this with you and your baby.

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