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Postnatal wellbeing circle

Postnatal Wellbeing Circle

Postnatal Wellbeing Circle for Mums

Rediscover yourself within motherhood.

Do you feel lost and lacking in that thing you thought motherhood would be?

Do some days feel really tough and the overwhelm a little exhausting?

Baby number two or three is wearing you out and you realise that, this time, you are going to invest in looking after yourself as well as them?

You feel guilty because you're not enjoying every minute and you don't know where to begin setting that right?

You're looking for your postnatal village of support - somewhere you feel safe talking with other mums who are also honest about their experiences?

You are not alone. Let's find your joy again.

Mandy Rees, Mother For LIfe no time Motherhood is a roller coaster ride with a mixture of glorious highs and also exhausting lows. You find yourself second guessing things and you feel emotionally fragile at times.

What happened to your orderly life? Some days are great but others feel like you're trying to run through treacle. You need a reality check on how other mums are coping. You need to know that you are not doing it wrong. You are tired. You need an energy shift and re-boot.

You're finding it hard to get your head around your baby's birth as it didn't go as you'd planned. You feel guilty about pretty much everything you do and are too confused to make any real decisions.

Your partner is trying to help but they seem even more tired than you are. You worry about your relationship and you want to feel like 'you' again.

You want to find the joy. You want to be more than 'mum'.

You want guilt free 'me' time to talk about how you feel and discover ways to feel better. You need some space.

Wellbeing for All Mums

4 week circle of 4 x 2 hour in person wellbeing sessions.

10:30 to 12:30 Tuesday morning. Starting Tuesday 28 September 2021 at The Wellbeing Pod, Park Hill, Moseley

    What do the circles include?
  • 4 x 2 hour wellbeing sessions with a small group of new mums (maximum of 10).
  • Each week focusses on a different topic and evolves over the 4 weeks.
  • Every wellbeing course is unique because mums are unique and so are our challenges. The sessions are flexible to fit in with what you most need as an individual and as a group.
  • Tailored individual help in putting together a postnatal wellbeing plan that works for you.
  • Easy tips that are built on each week so that you create your own postnatal wellbeing toolkit full of useful resources that are yours to keep. This is not an overwhelming task. Everything is created by you to fit in with your life so that it feels manageable.
  • Private WhatsApp group.
  • Support from me over the phone and by email during the four weeks and afterwards.

Mandy Rees, Mother For LIfe no timeWeek 1:
Introduction. Honest conversations around birth and motherhood. The safe space you need to be yourself and share your experience to date. Baby Massage routine for relaxation and comfort.

Week 2:
The importance of self-care and finding balance. Exploring ways to look after yourself without feeling guilty. Understanding the importance of finding a connection with yourself again. Remembering who you are and what brings you joy. Understanding that looking after yourself is essential, not selfish. Yoga and movement session to re-energise tired bodies.

Week 3:
Emotional Wellbeing. How do you really feel? Understanding the normal range of emotions that we feel as a mum and creating tools for coping with feelings of overwhelm and anxiety. Accepting that you are enough. Mindful practice for overwhelm. Discussions on accepting and being confident in the decisions you make around the way you choose to mother. Gentle yoga postures to stretch out your tired body.

Week 4:
Physical Wellbeing. Honest conversations around postnatal body image. An appreciation of your amazing body and all that she has achieved together with a route back to a positive physical recovery after birth. Postnatal yoga postures for strength and recovery.

Our time together is a journey

Our 4 weeks together are a journey. Small steps along your path to becoming a happy and confident mum.

The Postnatal Wellbeing Circle is for all mums. Mums loving motherhood. Mums having good and bad moments. Mums struggling with it. Mums like you.

I know that it feels scary to think about these things and even scarier to talk about them with other people but other mums understand. I understand. There's not much that I haven't experienced in my own journey as a mum; including postnatal depression and anxiety, feeling of helplessness and a real struggle with losing control of my previously ordered life.

What If? And everything else....

Mandy Rees, Mother For LIfe no timeWhat if my baby cries or needs feeding?
I am used to the joy and chaos that babies bring. We are guided by the babies and this is safe environment to bottle-feed and breastfeed, to change nappies and to allow your baby to express themselves. You mustn't feel worried about this. I am a mum. I get it. I know that babies are unpredictable - this is how they should be.

Is this for first time mums only?
No, not at all. As a second or third time mum perhaps you understand even more how hard this is and realise that you didn't focus on your own wellbeing enough when your other babies were born. Remember those exhausting months when you felt lost and sometimes pretty invisible?

Do I need to join when my baby is very small?
I've designed these sessions with the needs of mums with babies under 9 months old in mind. I spent time talking with other mums asking them what their biggest challenges were and what they felt the sessions needed to cover. They are based on honest views from new and experienced mums. I also remember very clearly how I felt and the support I needed but didn't know where to find. I really believe that by looking after yourself, you are looking after your family.

Everything we share is shared in confidence. Our circle becomes your safe space to be honest and authentic without fear of judgement. We respect each other's choices and support each other from the heart.

What if I have more than one baby?
Twins, triplets and other multiple babies are very welcome at no extra cost.

The 4-week Circle and everything listed above is £110.00. £27.50 for each weekly 2-hour Circle.

That's getting your nails done, a few cups of coffee or 10 jumbo packs of Pampers nappies. Coffee and nappies don't last forever but an investment in your own wellbeing does. This will make the biggest difference to your postnatal experience and be the support you're looking for. You looking after yourself is what your baby really needs. It's time for you to feel alive again.

The dates for the sessions are: 28 September 2021, 5 October 2021 , 12 October 2021 and 19 October 2021.

Please book a free call with me if you have any questions. I'm really happy to talk anything through with you.

A £25 deposit payable via the link below secures your place in our amazing Circle.

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Georgina ‘I had previously been to a few different yoga classes and found them a bit intense and not what I was looking for. From the first session I was SO glad I'd found Mandy and her classes. They are way more than a yoga class - meditation, breathing exercises, relaxation and a chance to chat to other expectant mums and soak in Mandy's wisdom. The jammie dodgers are a welcome bonus to the class too! Between classes I also did Mandy's yoga sessions on her website which really helped me stay relaxed and helped my aches and pains. I also made sure I regularly listened to her audio relaxations which helped me stay calm and grounded in those final weeks. Above all of this, Mandy has been a wonderful support and checked in with me after the birth of my daughter and during our hospital stay - Mandy really does go above and beyond and puts out some brilliant online content. I can't thank her enough!'

£25.00 Deposit Payment to reserve your space
Click here to start on Tuesday 28 September