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I understand how important your postnatal recovery is to you. I also know that bodies take time to recover from pregnancy and birth - no matter how relatively straightforward your experience was.

mother and newborns, postnatal yoga, Mother For LifeYour body is amazing. She will recover, regain her strength and allow you to do all of the things you used to do. I know that returning to exercise, getting back to run training, netball or hockey, etc are important for your physical and emotional health. I understand that your wobbly bits might be frustrating you and that you’d love to be able to touch your toes again now that you can see them.

I know that you’re concerned about your pelvic floor and core strength, your posture feels hunched and your shoulders are so tight that not even a daily massage could untie you. I also get that your head is so full of baby related ‘stuff’ that you can’t switch off even when you do have two minutes to yourself.

I understand that you want your body to be the way she used to be but let’s get you there safely. I can help you with your physical and emotional strength. You will get to where you want to be - I promise.

Signature Blossom Postnatal Yoga Classes

My Signature Postnatal Yoga Classes are the most comprehensive you will find for safely regaining your physical strength and emotional resilience. They also support your postnatal recovery in many other ways.

I have designed the class around what new mums want and need. I have listened to the hundreds of mums I have helped with their postnatal recovery and also drawn from my own experience as a mum who went up four dress sizes during her first pregnancy and fell completely out of love with her body.

What you get?

mother and newborns, postnatal yoga, Mother For Life
  • Me Time
  • A safe space with your baby to reconnect with your body following birth.
  • A non-judgmental space to find that physical and emotional strength you’re looking for.
  • A space to learn that it is possible to relax with your baby.
  • Time each week to feel your breath and movement flow through your body.
  • An opportunity to begin or return to your yoga practice where you know you will be looked after and not cause any harm to your recovering body. This is your opportunity to fall in love with your body again.

This is much more than just postnatal yoga. Each class covers...

  • Therapeutic and Strengthening Yoga
  • hatha yoga postures modified for postnatal recovery
  • postures specifically for core recovery and back strength
  • postures to mitigate the usual postnatal aches and pains such as tight shoulders and poor posture
  • strength work to regain muscle tone and strength
  • stability work to ensure proper grounding and support for your body from your feet up
  • easy to remember sequences for you to practice at home with or without your baby
  • pelvic floor exercises to regain strength and aid recovery in your pelvic floor muscles
  • tips on aiding your postnatal recovery outside the class
  • time to reconnect with your body as she is different now that she has given birth


    You will learn breathing techniques:
  • to reduce anxiety and aid relaxation
  • to reconnect with your body
  • to engage your core and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles
  • to create an energetic flow within you body
  • that give you much needed headspace
  • that allow you to tune into your emotions with kindness and without judgement

mother and newborns, postnatal yoga, Mother For Life

Your breath is your very essence yet we so very easily forget to breathe properly. When you do this, you hold tension within your body and you step out of natural flow. Motherhood needs flow. Babies need flow. I will help you find that easy breath again.

I suffered with postnatal depression after Grace was born. I completely understand how life can feel after a baby - that sense of mourning for the old you. I know that she is in there and that you will find her again with the right spaces for support.

Time with your baby
Yes, I know. It’s hard to find any time for yourself when your baby is small and you feel guilty doing something for yourself without her. In this class you get the best of both; time for you, with her.

It is possible to practise yoga with your baby close by and, if she needs you, please be attentive to her. All my postnatal classes are baby led. Be guided by your baby. If she needs a feed or a change; please do these things. It is not unusual for me to guide half the class through postures whilst the other half is feeding, changing nappies or resting. Yes, resting. Each class is your invitation to rest if you feel too tired to practice. This is your bonding time.


Dedicated time at the end of each class to relax with your baby. Believe it or not we do get quiet time.

I guide you and your baby into relaxation and share inspiring words to remind you that being you is absolutely enough.


  • you automatically become part of an active and supportive community of other amazing mums and we really do help each other and create strong friendships
  • tea and jammie dodger biscuits after each class
  • access to me for any queries outside class time
  • meet ups outside of the class
  • access to an exclusive Facebook Community

Bonus Extras

  • lifetime access to an online knowledge vault
  • access to my extensive knowledge of the postnatal services and practices here in Birmingham. If I don't know the answer, I will know someone who does. I have a fantastic referral network of other amazing people such as expert women’s health physios, postnatal doulas, breastfeeding support, baby wearing advice, etc
  • postnatal yoga sheets with sequences for you to follow at home
  • jammie dodger biscuits!

Plus your special invitation....

You are invited to our unique Mother for Life Circle evenings.


MONDAY 10.00am-11.00am
Park Hill

TUESDAY 10.30am-12.30pm
Park Hill

WEDNESDAY 10.00am-11.00am

Barefoot Yoga Studio
7 High Street
Harborne, Birmingham
B17 9NT

6 classes, Class cost: £65

These evenings are your chance to be with other like-minded mums who all want to support other women. They are friendly, informal and we cover a wide variety of topics. You can bring something specific with you that you want to chat about or sit and listen to the conversation. They are your space to experience real and authentic friendship and to gain confidence as you journey through motherhood. Please click here to find out more about the Circle.

We share our wisdom and our experiences in a way that builds a strong community based on trust and respect. Pregnancy is the very beginning of your journey as a mother for life and having other women to share it with you makes the journey easier and so much more fun. There is nothing else like this in the Midlands.

Most of the mums who come to my classes have never done yoga before or started their practice during pregnancy. The classes are suitable for complete beginners and those with an established yoga practice. We all work to our own comfortable level and with kindness for our bodies as they recover. I offer alternative postures based on experience and any special circumstances such as injury.

If you have any specific concerns such as ongoing health conditions or pregnancy related issues such as prolapse, diastasis, perineum pain, depression or anxiety, please don’t worry. I have experience of helping many mums (including myself) with these. Please mention them to me when you enquire and we can have a chat about this specifically. I often work closely with postnatal physios to aid recovery and wellbeing.

The classes have limited numbers; it’s important to me that I get to know you and your baby and that I understand what it is you need the most from me in each class. Classes are booked up in advance. Please book a call with me or email an enquiry through to find out more about the classes and reserve your space now.

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