Post Natal Yoga


Postnatal Yoga

I understand how important your postnatal recovery is to you. I also know that bodies take time to recover from pregnancy and birth – no matter how relatively straightforward your experience was.

Your body is amazing. She will recover, regain her strength and allow you to do all of the things you used to do. I know that returning to exercise, getting back to run training, netball or hockey, etc are important for your physical and emotional health. I understand that your wobbly bits might be frustrating you and that you’d love to be able to touch your toes again now that you can see them.’

I know that you’re concerned about your pelvic floor and core strength, your posture feels hunched and your shoulders are so tight that not even a daily massage could untie you. I also get that your head is so full of baby related ‘stuff’ that you can’t switch off even when you do have two minutes to yourself.

I understand that you want your body to be the way she used to be but let’s get you there safely. I can help you with your physical and emotional strength. You will get to where you want to be – I promise.

Mother & Baby Cirles

I now include postnatal yoga within my Mother and Baby Circle details of which can be found here: Mother and Baby Circle. My reasoning for this is that my years of working with mums like you has shown me that we all benefit from a little bit of everything when shared in a safe and supportive space. More than baby massage or yoga, feeling comfortable and understood is really important for you right now. Having somewhere you can come to where you know that you and your baby will be taken care of is often exactly what you need.

You will still find plenty of movement and yoga to help you regain your physical strength and emotional resilience. The Circle also supports your postnatal recovery in many other ways.

I love babies. I love supporting you more.

All my Postnatal Circles are safe, supportive and nurturing spaces for you and your baby where you grow together at your own pace. They are baby led. Changing nappies, feeding and simply being with your baby are all welcome. You know your baby better than anyone; please be guided by what they and you both need each week.

I am available to you during, after and outside of a Circle. I do everything I can to make sure that we get to know each other and build a relationship where you feel comfortable. I teach everyone as an individual even though you are part of a group of mums.

I also create a community for you and take time to introduce you to other mums so that you can share your experiences of motherhood and create friendships. Many of my mums have been friends for years after coming to one of my Circles.

Postnatal Circles

In the yoga element of the Postnatal Circle you will find:

  • a safe space with your baby to reconnect with your body following birth.
  • space to learn that it is possible to relax with your baby.
  • time each week to feel your breath and movement flow through your body.
  • an opportunity to begin or return to your yoga practice where you know you will be looked after and not cause any harm to your recovering body. This is your opportunity to fall in love with your body again.
  • hatha yoga postures modified for postnatal recovery, specifically for core recovery, pelvic floor and back strength and to mitigate the usual postnatal aches and pains such as tight shoulders and poor posture
  • tips on aiding your postnatal recovery outside the class
  • Breathing techniques to reduce anxiety and aid relaxation, help you reconnect with your body and to create an energetic flow within you body. Your breath is your very essence yet we so very easily forget to breathe properly. When you do this, you hold tension within your body and you step out of natural flow.
  • Motherhood needs flow. Babies need flow. I will help you find that easy breath again.

Be Guided By Your Baby

It is possible to practise yoga with your baby close by and, if she needs you, please be attentive to her. All my postnatal classes are baby led. Be guided by your baby. If she needs a feed or a change; please do these things. It is not unusual for me to guide half the class through postures whilst the other half is feeding, changing nappies or resting. Yes, resting. Each class is your invitation to rest if you feel too tired to practice. This is your bonding time.