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Postnatal Wellbeing Group in Birmingham

Mum & Baby Circle: Monday 10am – 12 noon

Mums need support because motherhood isn’t something we should be doing alone. This is why this postnatal wellbeing group in Birmingham was created.

My years of working with parents and babies and my own experiences as a mum have shown me again and again that when mums and babies come together magical things do happen, such as motherhood becoming a shared experience that doesn’t feel so tricky. I’ve seen first-hand how being part of a mindful and compassionate mum and baby group after birth helps parents adjust to this change in their lives and makes life with a new baby feel more ‘normal’.

The Mother and Baby Circle is a postnatal wellbeing group in Birmingham with a difference. It combines a little bit of everything you need in your life with your baby but are too busy to create. There are elements of baby massage, yoga, relaxation and wellbeing. It is where you and your baby grow your roots and find a welcoming, supportive, calm and reassuring space to belong in your early months of motherhood.

It’s very much baby led but the emphasis is on you; what you need and how you want to feel as a mum whether for the first or fourth time. You cannot pour from an empty cup – I know that you want to pour all your love into your baby but you must save some for yourself. It can feel really hard to do this unless you set aside time for just that thing; self-care, connection and an understanding of where you are right now and what it is you need. The Mum and Baby Circle helps you create strong mothering foundations.

Supportive community

You will meet other mums who truly understand the challenges and joys of motherhood. They are going through what you are going through and they get it. Postnatal support from other mums is essential and makes you feel so much better about everything.

Friendship and connection

Our Mother Circle has a magical way of fostering meaningful friendships and connections with fellow mums. It gives you a network of support that extends beyond the Circle itself. We stay in touch via a WhatsApp group and lots of mums meet up outside the Circle. These ladies serve as a vital lifeline, offering support and solace when needed. Think of them as your fellow motherhood cheerleading squad.

Emotional wellbeing

The Mother Circle allows you to express your thoughts, worries, and experiences without worrying about what anyone there is going to think. No-one judges anyone. This provides you with a safe emotional release and reduces any anxieties you have. It is postnatal support for you without any expectations and neither do we tell you what to do.

Validation and understanding

Being part of the Mother Circle offers you a place for validation and understanding. Mothering can feel really lonely and the Circle helps you remember that you are not alone as you navigate all the things being a mum brings.

Emotional healinG

It provides an opportunity for emotional healing. You can explore your feelings and receive support from others who have faced similar challenges. For example, we may talk about relationship challenges or the loss of identity many people feel after they have a baby. We talk about things that so many women experience but may not have thought about before they became a mum.

Confidentiality and trusT

The Mother Circle is always safe and confidential. We build trust in each other so that you can open up honestly if you want to, safe in the knowledge that your thoughts and stories will be respected and kept confidential.

Circle Elements

Each of the 6 Circles in the block includes an element of the following;

Movement: postnatal yoga sequences to strengthen your body. This includes stretching to help with carrying, feeding and generally looking after your baby. Easy to follow postures that bring energy into your body and help her to recover from pregnancy and birth. This is about honouring your body and all that she does. It is about feeling movement again and connecting with your body now that she is coming back to you.

Baby massage: massage that promotes bonding with your baby at a deeper level. Loving touch that welcomes and settles your baby into this world and helps with digestion, sleep, body awareness and strength. It’s about time and acceptance of where you and your baby are. It’s about love created in moments of connection, both physical and emotional.

Breathwork: a celebration of the space within your body to breathe again. Breathing exercises that promote physical and emotional wellness and energise your body when she needs it the most. A celebration of being alive and a knowing that your body must be nourished and nurtured to allow her to feel fully awake again.

Wellbeing: mindful exercises that bring you into the moment so that you are fully present with yourself and your baby. Time to tone down the voice in your head and replace the chatter with words of kindness and understanding.

Relaxation: guided relaxations and meditations so that you rest – proper switching off rest – that gives your body and soul that quiet space they need. This is letting go. This is learning to relax with your baby so that it becomes natural and easy to do when you are at home without feeling guilty about it. This is acceptance that letting go is part of the key to being a strong and compassionate parent.

Community: a safe environment where you and your baby are seen, heard, accepted, loved and respected. This is not about baring your soul to strangers. This is about being part of organic, group-led conversations so that you can reflect on where you are, what you need and ask questions of other mums, and me, if you want to. It is dedicated time away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

The essence of the Mother and Baby Circle is to introduce you to lifelong yoga, massage and wellbeing practices that promote touch, connection, stillness and presence. It’s about stripping everything back to nothing and giving you space to pause, take a breath and reset. It is time to learn, to allow and to ’be’ in the safest of spaces where you feel accepted as you are.

Over the 6 weeks you will meet a group of other mums who become your friends to learn from, lean on and grow with. It is a positive space to share and talk if you wish to. Think of it as your mothering forum where no question is a silly question, no judgements are made and where you draw on the collective knowledge of other mums who ‘get it’.

The greatest gift you can give yourself and your baby is time without life’s interruptions. The Mother Circle gives you that time.


The Mother Circle empowers you by fostering self-confidence and providing you with tools, resources, and strategies to navigate the ups and downs of motherhood. The Circle is about reminding you that you have the capacity to do this and it provides you with simple exercises that make life feel easier such as mindfulness, relaxation and emotional health reminders. It’s the mum toolkit you never knew you needed.

Access to information

We often have informative discussions on various motherhood-related topics which can help you make informed decisions. We talk about feeding, sleep, weaning, returning to work, body image, managing not-so-helpful relatives, taking your baby to a wedding, going on holiday, what you need to pack…. The list really is endless.

Self-care and self-reflection

The Mother Circle is your reminder of how important you are and that one of the greatest gifts you can give your baby is to look after yourself. It is your dedicated weekly space for self-care and self-reflection. Precious time for you amidst the demands of motherhood. We share guided meditations and relaxations each week. And yes, babies join in too!

Encouragement and inspiration

We offer encouragement and inspiration to each other during this important postnatal time. As mums, we witness the strength and resilience each other has which helps us to see that we can also get through our own challenges.

Celebrating milestones

We create a space to celebrate milestones, both big and small, in your baby’s life and in your mothering journey. We have had first rolling over and first shuffles in our Circles. We celebrate sleeping milestones and preparing for work outside the home goals. The Circles are built on the belief that when we support each other, we are all raised up.

What other mums think

Please click HERE to find out how other mums found being in the Mum and Baby Circle.

How To Book

The Circle starting on 8 January is full. The next Circle starts at 10:00am on Monday 19 February.

Each Circle takes place in The Pod, Moseley B13. There is free parking right outside and also a covered space next to the Pod to leave buggies and pushchairs.

Each 6 week block costs £120. This is £20 per two hour Circle. Each week you receive a thoughtful gift or wellbeing resource as well as hot drinks, cakes and biscuits. All dietary requirements are catered for.

Please drop me a message by using the form below and I will be in touch with more specific details about the Circle and availability.

Future Circle dates:

2024 Circle Two: 19 & 26 February, 4, 11, 18 and 25 March.

2024 Circle Three: 15, 22 & 29 April, & 7 May (this is a Tuesday), 13 & 20 May.

2024 Circle Four: 3, 10, 17 & 24 June, 1 & 8 July.



“Talking to other mums in Mandy’s group made such a difference to me. I suffered from postnatal depression and felt like I had no one to turn to.

The group gave me a safe space to share what I was going through and I felt listened to. It also gave me a lot of confidence in being the kind of mum I wanted to be, and that support helped me trust my own instincts.”



“This group has been everything to me. It feels like this group is really special with the open and honest, non judgemental conversations and support that normalise a lot of the more scary and hidden parts of parenthood.

It has kept me from tipping over the edge a few times.”



“Having the group has been a tremendous help for me as a new mom and continues to be a massive source of support and reassurance even now when I’m having my second baby.

The advice given is always kind, considerate, unbiased and non-judgemental and questions are always welcome. Even if you just need to vent about something there’s always a sympathetic ear for support.”