My success is down to the amazing mums who join my Circles.

Read their thoughts and comments below – they will give you an honest insight into our community and how each circle feels.

As a first time mother to be and feeling slightly overwhelmed a lot of the time with what to expect etc. These sessions have brought to life real life scenarios from mothers from all walks of life and has built my confidence and knowledge up.

I don’t feel judged when talking out loud about any issues I am experiencing. Instead, I feel like Mandy has really built a support network in which we could relate to one another.


Mother Circles

As mums it’s really hard to dedicate a couple of hours to yourself no matter how much you try, the sessions were a great way to completely shut off from day to day responsibilities and just focus on ourselves without distractions.

Also, I find the weekly check-ins really helpful as we can safely have a rant and feel like everyone else in the room understands where we are coming from and is supportive.


Mother Circles

Monday evenings were the one time a week during my pregnancy that was just for me and my baby. Away from the demands and stress of my toddler and work, I could relax and share my emotions and feelings in a totally safe and supportive place and felt a lot less isolated as a result ….

The circle gave me the space I needed to reconnect, and helped me to feel calm and find strength that I needed to face the rest of the week! It made an enormous difference


Mother Circles

An absolute must for pregnancy and beyond! Mandy is a wonderful woman and amazing at what she does. I can’t recommend her enough.

The group provided me with knowledge, breathing techniques that were brilliant through labour and a community of mums to share things with. I’d always look forward to sessions each week and can’t wait to return with my son.



It prepared me for things I never thought about, it reassured me about how I may feel within myself with emotions etc especially after my baby is born…

So I know if and when that comes it’s normal and I won’t freak out and think there is something wrong, I will already be prepared for it.



I first attended Mandy’s pregnancy yoga classes when I was pregnant with my first baby, the yoga helped hugely with my pregnancy aches and pains but most of all the support and encouragement from both Mandy and the rest of the group was amazing. Mandy really encourages everyone to engage with each other which wasn’t something that I had experienced in other groups I attended, it meant that I felt safe in asking that daft question or verbalising my fears!



Mandy is such an inspiring woman. She has so much enthusiasm and a caring attitude towards all the women that she works with. She is very intuitive and can put you at ease. Mandy will always go that extra mile to deliver.

She puts her heart and soul into creating space for mothers to unite and combat the epidemic of loneliness that mothers face. This changes not only the mothers life but the child’s as well. Mandy has changed the way I work, the way I think and she is an inspiration. 


Mother Circles

Mandy is just brilliant. The positive ripples of Mandy’s work should spread through society for generations by healing some of the generational trauma that many families experience.

She genuinely cares about people, and her open, honest and real approach has helped me in a way that nothing else before it has. She is endlessly positive, but in a very authentic and realistic way. She doesn’t tell anyone what to do, she just helps them find their own best way.


Mother Circles

Thank you so very much for all your warmth and energy, constant reassurance and positivity and unfailing support all offered in the comforting package of your mother and baby classes ….

Just being in the presence of your genuine caring, positive, bright and sunny way was healing.


Mother Circles