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Pregnancy Yoga – All Your Questions Answered

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There are so many reasons to join a pregnancy yoga group or class and I absolutely recommend them for relaxation and as a way to prepare your body for birth and motherhood.

Before you join, you are bound to have lots of questions about it. I was recently asked to write an expert article for MyBump2Baby on pregnancy yoga. You can find that article here: Pregnancy Yoga – All Of Your Questions Answered.

Added to my answers in the pregnancy yoga article, I would also recommend that you do your best to check out the ‘vibe’ and structure of the group. Is it very much a class full of yoga instruction or it is a place where, alongside the yoga, you practice breathing techniques for birth and time is set aside for you to speak with and make friendships with the other mums-to-be?

My pregnancy group here in Birmingham is very much the latter.

Being part of a group of other mums-to-be helps you create a community that will be invaluable to you once your baby is born. It also gives you an understanding and non-judgemental space to ask all your pregnnacy and birth related questions. You are also able to hear other birth stories and celebrate when beautiful babies arrive.

The yoga is very important. The community even more so.

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