A Space To Come Together

As mothers, we often find ourselves lost in the beautiful chaos of motherhood. But what about our own souls? What about the deeper connections we crave with other women? That’s precisely why our Sisterhood Circle exists. It’s a space where we come together, share our stories, and support each other unconditionally. It’s a space for your soul.

Picture this: a welcoming and nurturing space, filled with women like you – women who understand the delicate balancing act of motherhood, while still trying to make time for themselves. These gatherings occur every three months or so, sometimes coinciding with the cycles of the moon or the turning of an equinox. But mostly, they happen when we simply feel the need.

Bring your babies! We love their presence. If they still need you, they are most welcome.

In the warm embrace of my Wellbeing pod in Mosley, we gather from 7:00 p.m. till approximately 10:00 p.m. With no judgment or disturbance, we create a safe haven where you can pour out your heart, share your joys and struggles, and be fully seen and heard. There are no judgements and no unhelpful suggestions.

Our Sisterhood Circles are not just for sharing; they’re also for listening. We don’t aim to fix anyone; instead, we hold space for one another. We actively listen and support each other on this beautifully messy journey of motherhood and life. You are safe here.

Whether you’re craving connection, seeking solace, or simply longing to be surrounded by women who understand, please be part of the next Sisterhood Circle.

Check the details below for the upcoming date or reach out to me directly via the Contact Me box. I can’t wait to welcome you into our loving and compassionate space.

Next Dates

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“I already run classes for mums and babies, and I really felt drawn to delve deeper into providing more of a wellbeing element to my business (it’s so needed). Mandy has put so much work into this course and I’m really loving it.

I’m already feeling more confident about including wellbeing elements in my classes and I feel I’ve not even delved deeper into the course yet. Mandy is so supportive, and I know if ever I have any questions or wobbles about what I am doing she will be there with her calm, professional advice. You really feel held by her.

Mother Circles are so needed; I see it all the time in my classes. Mums need connection and to be held in a safe space. If you are pondering about joining, I really wouldn’t hesitate. You definitely get what you sign up for and more.”