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Why Magnesium Levels in Pregnancy Are Important

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We talked about pregnancy aches and pains in our post-class chat last night.

I mentioned that magnesium is a really important mineral for muscle release and recovery and also that most of us are deficient in it. It is important to replenish your magnesium levels, particularly when your body is working harder that she might normally do – I always have to up mine when I’m marathon training. During pregnancy, your body is growing a baby 24/7.

Firstly, why is magnesium important:

1. It helps to support more restful sleep.

2. It plays a significant role in keeping your moods balanced.

3. It helps to reduce cramping and reduce the intensity of acute pain caused by cramps. Muscle cramps are not uncommon during pregnancy.

4. Growing a baby affects your internal organs and your digestive system. It can cause constipation. Adequate magnesium creates smoother bowel movements in the morning – this is also something to bear in mind after your baby is born. It’s much easier if you are not having to push hard in those first few weeks postpartum.

5. Some research has indicated that magnesium may help chronic hypertension and preeclampsia.

Secondly, how can you increase your magnesium levels:

1. This is my favourite way – mineral salt baths: Soaking in a magnesium-rich salt bath is relaxing and a wonderful way to replenish many different minerals including magnesium. I buy magnesium flakes from You can buy different versions in Boots and Holland & Barrett.

2. Eat more dark leafy greens, seeds, nuts, legumes, squash, broccoli, dairy products, meat and unrefined grains. Most excellently, it is also found in dark chocolate.

3. You can take magnesium supplements but please check that these are safe to take during pregnancy. I am not a medical expert.

4. Try a magnesium supplement that you can add to milk or water. This can be easier to digest than a supplement and when mixed with milk, can help you to sleep better.

If you are suffering with muscle aches, cramps and are finding sleep difficult, increasing your magnesium levels might help. I would also highly recommend a pregnancy massage from a properly trained therapist. Not only will this help your muscles to release, making more space for you baby which always helps during birth, it’s also a delicious treat for you.

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